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    • Just a reminder of the current schedule.   If this plan continues to go forward, I'll be interested in seeing the plan objections that come in by Feb 4.   Dec 29       Deadline to serve discovery on voting, settlements Jan 4           Preliminary voting report Jan 5          Rebuttal expert reports due Jan 7           Deadline to serve responses/objections to voting/settlement discovery Jan 14         Document production regarding voting/settlement due Jan 17         Final voting report deadline Jan 28         Deposition of expert witness & fact witnesses due Jan 31         Deadline to identify trial witnesses Feb 4          Plan objection deadline Feb 10         Deadline to exchange depositions designations and file motions Feb 14        Confirmation brief/plan reply deadline Feb 15        Deadline to exchange deposition couter-designations Feb 17        Deadline to submit joint pretial order, witness/exhibit lists, options to motions, etc Feb 18        Final pretrial conference Feb 22        Confirmation hearing
    • Can someone perhaps clarify how this new California law affects Scouters that are registered in other states and visit Califonria?  Also, how will it apply to things like the Reserve charter entries, especially college? For that matter, outside of Scouting, how will it apply to youth groups from other states, or even out of the country?  
    • The claims are/will be against the Settlement Trust, that's why we all have to repeat a proof of claim process and then even more extensive and intensive. This time, we will be subject to examination by the Trustee and other manner of litigation-style poking and prodding. 
    • Well understood.  I agree.   Perhaps I think of it wrongly.  I think of it more as ... how much money does BSA have to contribute?.  Even to the extreme pain level.  Let's separate that cash, protect it to pay debts including victim claims and move on.  The CSA claims should be against that protected trust ... and also the insurance companies.  
    • I'll hazard an amateur comment. Even in an auto accident, insurance companies don't give up money without a release. There's nothing saying they have to "contribute," especially when BSA's liability has not been adjudicated. All third-party non-debtors are simply trying to buy their ticket to freedom from this mess, ala the Sacklers. BSA can lay CSA claims at the carriers' doors all day long, but as with any other insurance claim, they ain't payin until they're either made to through litigation or they deem it to their best calculated advantage. Right now, we're in the latter scenario. In this case, we peons don't even know their overall exposure, in the aggregate, or the market value of the claims. Ah, mediation privilege. 
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