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    • I think we've got a couple of lawyers in here who feel it is their duty to defend their profession from anyone who might attack it.  I don't think anyone is really intending to attack the legal profession, fellas - nor is anyone saying lawyers have never had any value to anyone whatsoever who ever lived in any society throughout all of history. I guess my question is this - to a lot of us on the outside, it looks like the legal teams are just billing, billing, billing, and nothing's getting accomplished.  In the legal profession, is there any reward at all for efficiency?  Why haven't they just moved on and gotten something done yet?   The cynic in me thinks it's because they're still getting paid regardless of whether the case progresses.  If that's true, the logical conclusion, then, is that they have no impetus to conclude the case, so long as they can continue to bill. I think that's the concern that we legal laypeople have about all of this - why isn't anything happening?  From my (limited) perspective, it looks like the BSA has to just keep paying all these legal bills with nothing to show for it and no end in sight. Would one of you fine gentlemen with a legal background care to enlighten those of us who don't understand all of this?
    • FYI ... This is a repeated story.  Just add BSA to the list. USA Gymnastics - https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/olympics/while-larry-nassar-victims-wait-lawyers-cash-in-on-usa-gymnastics-bankruptcy/2019/12/17/b782e07a-10a0-11ea-b0fc-62cc38411ebb_story.html  
    • Was supposed to have quoted all this. Sorry. fred8033 It's called a "kick-back".  Choose us to be your lawyers and we will give you 10% of our fees.  ... Of course, we'll make sure our fee is at least 20% higher than other clients.  Thus, you both get richer thru the kickback. We had a local place give a box of stakes if you chose them to replace your car's windshield.  Very popular place ... until the insurance companies succeeded pointing out they were being billed well above the value of the stakes.  I think courts got involved and agreed that the insurance company did not need to pay. T/N: Aha. There is the real crux: you're a mind reader and heart renderer with vast knowledge of the firm's history, motives and record of representing creditor committees. I have no such intimate and expansive knowledge, so I'll let you sit with yours, resting your head on their impugned character and all that entails. Btw, I was at the TCC selection day in Delaware and met the firms applying for the role. I didn't hear anything while talking with them or after their selection was announced about a "package of steaks" and "ginsu knives" deal deal, express or implied. I happen to know they were selected based on experience, reputation, skill, track record and passion for representing sexual abuse tort creditor committees. 
    • I'm not so sure. The reassurances were pretty emphatic to my council. 
    • Yeah. This is where the tracks run into the ditch for me, in terms of following along. Local charters or Local Councils? Why don't LCs just do that now and be done with it? "We're separate, are fine without you and will deal with our own business as we see fit. Keep your Chapter 11, intellectual property, HABs and settlement trust contribution suggestions to yourself. See ya if we see ya. Don't if we don't." From what I've read here, which has been fairly detailed, it doesn't seem what you're saying is accurate, unless I've misunderstood you and them, mainly CS on the charter discussion.
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