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    • I’ve been through it, per BSA volunteer requirements. I guess I’m downright certified, sanctified and verified?!
    • Ok, I think I finally see where you are coming from.  It is obvious from your posts over the years that you care deeply about the kids.  I applaud.  long and loud.  Yet there has to be a point where we let them spread their wings and fly. Short flights in good weather near the nest at first, of course. Then gradually farther and higher as they get stronger and wiser. Scouters and parents know there always comes a day when the kids are going  to go solo.  Whether we think they are ready or not  Our job is to make them as prepared as we can for that day.  I do not believe that we can do that by constantly hovering over them. I might even go so far as to say that we do them a disservice by doing so  So yeah, I let my kids go to OA functions, Jamborees, Philmont, Provo summer camp... They came back tired, sunburned and more confident. Proud that they had risen to the challenge. So when it came time for them to go to college hundreds of miles away, I wasn't too worried.    
    • I agree that the YPT training is very good.  Very, very good and I'd even say it may be the gold standard for youth protection at this point in time in the United States.  If you have not seen it, take a look.  Note it may be triggering, it makes me feel very emotional and it is memorable and important information. 
    • Our council has two camps and sent a survey asking members about them.  It sounds likely that one or maybe both would be sold.  Our up north camp was sold a while back.   It is hard to say one camp is better than the other, as we have good memories at both.  One camp has much better facilities and cabins, the other is more wild.  I think either could be made into a subdivision or whatever if sold.   The up north camp has had nothing happen with it as far as I know.   
    • If we have learned anything from the scandals and bankruptcy, it is that BSA cannot be depended upon to safeguard our kids.  The Chartered Organizations need to step up and take responsibility.  We can't rely on any other outside group to do it.  Safeguarding our kids is our responsibility.
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