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    • It isn’t. The OA has adults that provide the 2 deep leadership. 
    • I’ll tell you this - the troop leader handbook, wood badge, IOLS, BALOO, online trainings galore, and round table haven’t thought me much. I got back in 2.5 years ago with my girls. I draw some of the most upon my experience on camp staff nearly 30 years ago and my troop growing up nearly 35 years ago. Ask Andy is pretty darn good too. 
    • I read a blog about management and becoming a better manager. She does a great job with advice as she almost always provides advice and then often a script. She said she includes words to say as it is a hard jump for many from advice and then “how do I DO that”. 
    • The CO doesn’t follow Scouts everywhere the go, nor are they responsible for them everywhere is unfounded.  To think they should is crazy and very controlling. NYLT, provisional troops at camp, provisional troops at Philmont, Jamboree, Mom and Scout, Camp Staff, and the OA. The CO has no authority, responsibility, or influence on these non unit Scout activities. 
    • The elections are a unit activity as they are done at the unit level. Just as a den chief may be elected by the unit to help a den in a different unit. The activities the elected scout participates in may or may not be unit activities.
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