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    • Camp we went to had staffing and food issues as well. I have been told by those who have been there it previously that the food was not up to what it has been in the past ( it was the worse camp food I had ever had, and that is saying something. We had folks get sick because of the expired milk). And they were short staffed. Other than that, Scouts had fun, even the one who told me midweek "I never want to come back." He wants to go back in a two years.
    • So I saw a story in my feed about a (non-Scout) summer camp in New Hampshire that ended its season near the end of the first week... The ‘Fyre Fest’ of overnight camps closed after 6 days https://www.bostonglobe.com/2021/07/22/metro/fyre-fest-overnight-camps-closes-after-6-days/?utm_source=pocket-newtab Maybe it's just a badly-run private camp, but my own son's Council-run Scout Camp could have had to shut down like that mid-season this summer (although the price for two weeks at the camp in the story is ten times the cost of a week at the Council camp). Barely a couple weeks before camp, Council sent out e-mail looking for staffers... a list of 15 or 20 positions across four camps, still unfilled. My son's troop showed up, and there was still no head cook. My sons' scoutmaster volunteered to fill that role unpaid, and took an extended vacation from his day-job to stay on a few more weeks. Scouts taking the Leatherwork merit badge had to share kits among multiple youth; likewise scouts taking Space Exploration had to share rockets. Are Scout camps elsewhere having trouble with food deliveries, illness, poorly trained staff, or simple understaffing this summer? If so, is there a common root cause: COVID, the bankruptcy, both together, something else?
    • Just FYI it appears that the latest bone the insurance companies plan to pick, among others, with the RSA is the same one that the US Trustee and others have voiced: Why on earth is the Coalition getting paid out for its legal fees now, ahead of everyone else including the victims? How does it rate such special treatment and, as the US Trustee pointed out, what statute authorizes this? It is very, very much looking like the lawyers for the Coalition are getting a guaranteed payout now ahead of everyone else. The question is why and for what? The Insurance Companies seem to have a theory or two about that. The latest is that now BSA is trying to "backfill" the justification for paying out the Coalition and releasing National Executive Board meeting minutes and discussions AFTER the depositions of Mosby and others. Now the insurance companies want Mosby, Whittman and others back into a deposition room to explain how this sweatheart Coalition deal got cut https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/50faea53-574a-427b-b767-9e7ff03e8926_5776.pdf
    • @NDW5332 clearly, the scouts would go home, pull out their smart phones, and one would video the other using his/her phone to navigate. They would then post videos of them doing this task to their patrol leader, who would sign off in the scouts' handbook at the next meeting. Of course they would cc the SM, ASM and concerned parents to maximize YP. @ShutterbugMom, the SM is the one who sets the boundaries. The committee needs to quickly reply firmly that they will stand behind the SM's decisions as to what tools scouts may keep on their persons at meetings or camp. They need to let this parent know that if she deems it important for her son to be under leadership that makes rules to her own liking,  she is more than welcome to start her own troop. Frankly, if I were SM or ASM I would send notice to all parents and scouts regarding anyone who adds blanket rules. I would tell the troop that they were misrepresenting the troop committee and myself. When we share a policy change, we give the reason, and set a time for when the committee will evaluate the usefulness of the rule.
    • So, with the text that did not make it, the full post is:   "The Russians themselves never believed their country had an effective civil defense program against nuclear attack. I asked dozens of Soviet friends, and none of them said they had ever been drilled on either going to a shelter or evacuating the city. One Russian I knew well suggested this procedure: "After the nuclear attack warning sounds, wrap yourself in a sheet and walk slowly to the nearest cemetery. Why slowly? So was not to panic the others."   The Decline and Fall of Soviet Empire: Forty Years That Shook The World ... By Fred Coleman, p. 145.   Now that the LC's are apparently "all in," time to look for a sheet. And yet not a peep in my Council about the effect of National's bankruptcy.  
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