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Questions and answers for parents and leaders new to Scouting.


    • We are not accusing specific individuals.  It's the whole situation.  Anyone can feel emotionally connected and work their hearts out for $1000 per hour.  How about doing it for $100 per hour?  Ya definitely won't starve at that rate?  It's emotional for me because my sons worked as camp staff.   I think of their hard work ... often working wake-up to bed-time for minimum wage, effectively $4 per hour.   Or the lower level scouting staff that earns a fraction of their value.  ... OR ... The millions of BSA adult volunteers over the years that have not been paid and instead paid thousands to volunteer.  ... Think of it ... High point of membership was 7,000,000 youth (or so).  Over 100 years, say average one million new scouts per year.   Take 25% of that as registered adult leaders.   That's 25 million adult volunteers that worked for free.  ... CORRECTION ... that paid to volunteer and then paid again all their own expenses.  Now, consider the morality of billing $1000 per hour and convincing people you are driven by the wrongs done in the past.  
    • Absolutely agree.   The law can absolutely be a noble profession and extremely hard.   And some lawyers are absolutely just charging large sums when their clients can afford it and their clients agree.  I'm really not thinking this is the BSA situation though.  There is something completely immoral about this.
    • Great quote ... “All of us have discounted our rates on these cases because, if all the money goes to the lawyers, there’s not going to be anything left for survivors,” said Susan Boswell, an Arizona bankruptcy attorney who has worked on several abuse cases involving the Catholic Church in which she has dropped her hourly rate — normally $700 — to as low as $450, she said." Still immoral if it's only half as immoral.   Index the "discounted" maximum rate to 10 times minimum wage.  I just have trouble calling $450 per hour "discounted".
    • I started a new thread about LCs.  I'm going to move some posts over.  If your post disappeared that's where it went.
    • I wanted to separate out some of the questions about the relationship between LCs, National, and what property rights each might have in the LC assets. I'm going to go back about three pages in the Part 3 thread and move some relevant posts over here.  (I hope.  I've never tried this before.)
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