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Questions and answers for parents and leaders new to Scouting.

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    • Yep.  Besides the people prosecuting these cases already control the schools and teacher's unions.
    • And unfortunately, suffer severe consequences...
    • The UC did not 'visit' very often so when he did, it wasn't questioned.  The man is revered in out District.  However, he was silent for the other BORs that evening and the stark contrast in his behavior for my Scout's BOR was noted and questioned.
    • They'll just exempt government entities. 
    • This happened more than a year ago, however my Scout is now in the middle of his Eagle service project.  The COR just mentioned that he needs to be around for my Scout's EBOR because there are concerns.  This prompted me to post an update because honestly, it feels like there will be repercussions AGAIN. Of course I am very worried, and will take your advice to ask the COR to document what transpired at the Scout's Life BOR with the District and Council.  Thankfully he is no longer our Unit Commissioner or a BSA volunteer due to health issues.  However, I do have concerns about my Scout being treated fairly.  The situation begs the question  - who informed the UC about my son's BOR? And was it from his own Troop?  Yes, the UC overstepped in a big way but he has held so many roles in his Scouting career that no one dared consider going against him.  This same UC derailed an EBOR for a Scout from the old Unit, even telling other Scouters that he knew going in that he wasn't going to agree to pass him.  There was complete bias based upon his involvement with that Scout in the old Unit.  (There are a lot of details with that story but suffice it to say that the Scoutmaster was truly vengeful.) That Scout was denied Eagle and ultimately won in an appeal.  
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