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    • Putting aside the marketing for a second because that's a separate issue. In the context of an ongoing legal proceeding, BSA's lawyers are not going to recommend Mosby sends a letter out to all COs from the last 50-60 year saying "please, come file a claim against us." The lawyers are going to give their best legal advice. As for your plan, sure. Let's have at it. The Chapter 11 will quickly get out of control as COs around the country panic and toss existing units. My current unit is 12-13 years old. I suspect if our CO got a letter from BSA saying "Come sue us for things we may have done" they'd toss us to save themselves. Forget that these claims are (for the most part) predating our existence. And the 90+ year unit in my town? The only one old enough to have had a claim? Not sure they'd survive. The moral thing is to not start a mass panic when there's no need for it.
    • I totally get  the legal problem but what I'm talking about is the moral issue. We're supposed to be an organization that espouses morals. If BSA still has some pieces left at the end of this but community organizations around the country that chartered units are destroyed, what reputation do we have left?  What will we be? The abuse scandals have been awful, but scouting also started to die when it began listening to lawyers and corporate types more interested in marketing instead of following it's own scout law.  In my opinion.  
    • They would be legally foolish and their attorneys would tell them in no uncertain circumstances not to. And what would/should the message be? "You better come file a claim against us (BSA National) ASAP."? No lawyer in their right mind will ever VOLUNTARILY allow their client to, in effect, invite people over to feast on the client's assets. If the court ORDERS BSA to notify potential claimants (such as the TV and other ads), sure. But the lawyers would be out of their minds to recommend from a legal standpoint that BSA invite more litigation and claims. Yes, and the mechanism for protection is "Sue BSA/file a claim against BSA"?
    • Does BSA have any moral duty to inform their COs? I feel like this is setting up to be another ineligible volunteers type situation. The BSA had information it didn't share and people got hurt. I know in a legal and financial sense there is a conflict of interest in doing so, but if scouts is going to scout like, it seems like the moral imperative should be to globally advise COs to protect themselves. The silence from BSA regarding any communication to COs throughout this has been deafening. It looks like the impact on BSA is potentially going to be catastrophic. What is the point in creating additional ill will by taking COs down with it.  
    • Good question. Real good question. Wish we had answers. The folks in those COs could be blindsided when they discover that the scout unit they've had for 40 years (or maybe that died out 40 years ago?) could cost them everything. IF (giant if) IF I had to guess, the COs would claim they were never notified/failed to have sufficient notice to file a claim and therefore they will reopen the window for COs. That pushes this into late 2020 (ha, ha) or 2021.
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