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    • It is always a challenge to provide appropriate supervision for scouting activities.  
    • Alas my friend, I greatly fear we're going to butt heads here.  I just cringe at the thought of Father O'Kelly " supervising" an Ordeal.  Or even worse  "safeguarding" a Vigil ceremony!  It might be interesting to see who on the CO's staff gets  tagged to go supervising on a 60 mile hike. Or it's probably more likely that such strenuous events would be cancelled outright.  The scouts are supposed to be growing into adults, they need some room to do that.    
    • One person's stunt is another person's confusion on how to deal with a difficult / confusing situation.  Not everyone ... including myself ... always handles difficult / uncomfortable situations well.  It takes real grace.  I don't handle it.  If you can, cut them slack for having handled it badly.  There was a friendship.  It's probably still there somewhere. 
    • I hope so to. As has been said, we have a step forward and even that is just a “placeholder,” per MYCVAStory. BSA appears poised to exit along with LCs in some form or fashion, but they leave with something brand new. Yes, they can be secure in the channeling injunction’s protection of their back, and if they can implement that “full stop,” a reduced threat to the ramparts going forward. The 800 pound gorilla they inadvertently attracted is state criminal investigations. I think that trend is just getting started. When they gear up and start issuing reports, many more eyes will be opened and, perhaps, many jaws held agape. 
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