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    • I've always found that photographers get a special license to take pictures during ceremonies like that.  Its important to record moments like those.  Just be purposefully and dignified when you do it and you'll be fine.
    • Tomorrow night for the first time our Cub Scouts are going to "help" the Troop with flag detail at the varsity HS football game.  Is it disrespectful of me to take photos of the Scouts during the National Anthem?  It's the kind of photos we kind of need to put out in the community but I don't want to be a jerk.
    • Welcome!  Hope you have a fantastic first meeting. That's a great part of the country.
    • @heres_a_llama on behalf of scouter.com moderators, welcome.
    • Hello, happy to find this forum. I was a Brownie and Junior Girl Scout, and have very fond memories of my time in scouting. My son just turned 5, so we're visiting a Lion's Den meeting this week in the Triangle region of North Carolina.  Looking forward to learn from you all as I learn about Scout BSA's culture and program.
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