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    • We had a succession plan when I was awarded the Unit leader of Merit Award but that was 4 years ago and my replacements son quit scouts and all of my ASMs are CubMasters. My CC has given me a hard time here and there over the last 6 years regarding me getting the scouts to do the right thing at the right time (I am not their den leader) so it looks like we may swap positions and have him learn the hard way how hard it is to be SM at times. If you were going to sell someone the reason to become SM what would your pitch be? 
    • This came up in another thread, but I wanted to pull this out for this reason. I've seen units with 12 scouts and 120. I've seen units with 1 ASM/Den Leader and 12. The one thing I have consistently seen is a complete and total lack of succession planning for Scoutmaster/Cubmaster (I know there's difference, but bear with me). I know it isn't about the awards/knots, but I wanted to point out the following is part of the Unit Leader Award of Merit. Think about about that: It is an "Award of Merit" item to have a succession plan for the Scoutmaster/Cubmaster. The result has been time and time again that someone is forced/shoved into a position not because they want it but because they are, in effect, threatened: you are our last hope, if not you then no one (and in the case of the 12 scout troop the person was told "if not you, we fold.") And sadly, in 11 years (this was a post from 2009) nothing has changed. Cornered. Threatened. Do it or we are screwed. Not knowing what they are getting into. Etc. Of course you don't want a succession plan that looks TOO much like you are plotting to toss the existing unit leader, either. Has anyone figured out a better way to square this circle?
    • Sadly the Charter Org has known about the deterioration in program for more than a year, however no one would step up to take the Scoutmaster position.  The complaints were escalated to the CC, COR, and IH, so the correct procedure was followed.  As of this week the Unit is being dissolved and the Scoutmaster still will not respond to the Scout about his partial.  What a 'LEADER'...
    • RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA June 2018 revisions and current September 2020 says same Compare the above to the 2007 version
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