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    • Well this is getting more interesting as to why Warner Brothers and DC have been quiet.  Last fall,  "Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) teamed up with the DC Super Hero Girls to inspire more girls to participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program®, the largest girl-led entrepreneurship program in the world. The program gives girls real-world experiences managing money, setting goals, meeting deadlines, learning the basics of marketing to customers, and having fun as they learn and earn. This year, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment will collaborate with GSUSA to foster the female leaders of tomorrow through the 2019 Cookie Pro contest. Using the power of the DC Super Hero Girls, the contest will inspire Girl Scouts to be smart and courageous as everyday Super Heroes. It will also highlight and reward exceptional cookie bosses who take the lead, set high goals for themselves, bring positive change to their communities, and learn valuable entrepreneurial skills." https://www.girlscouts.org/en/press-room/press-room/news-releases/2018/warner-bros-and-dc-entertainment-team-up-with-gsusa.html  
    • While you all are discussing okra (I never use it) I would suggest boneless thighs, much more flavor. 
    • I made custom patrol patches for the rest of my WB patrol using our patrol totem, but that's a specific sort of thing.
    • I agree with Parkman that the methods are largely complementary. As far as the main discussion, what I think is we must remember these are the methods, not the aims. I think someone earlier mentioned it, but it bears repeating. For example, the goal is not leadership development even though it sounds like it. Leadership development is a means (a method) for a scout to become able to do things for others. Advancement is not the outcome, but a means to encourage a scout to plan, prioritize, make choices to do things for themselves. Adult association is not to provide safety, but for scouts to see first hand how ethical adults treat each other, and the scouts. The adults set the example of how to best make ethical choices and helping others. Etc... When the methods get blurred with the purpose and aims; this begins the problems and a method or two slowly become the desired outcomes instead of the means to the end.
    • Based on my understand - yes, the unit would be in compliance. However, I tihnk you have to look at why the BSA made this YPT rule.  In essence, YPT rules exist for two main purposes 1) protect youth from situations where abuse is more likely to occur, & 2) protect adult volunteers from being in situations which are more likely to lead to accusations of abuse.  I know there is a third reason - to protect the BSA in lawsuits, but for the sake of discussion, let's not focus on that at this time.  I expect that the BSA leadership felt that situations with a female youth was alone with two adult males was a scenario where there was enough possibility of abuse or allegations of abuse that they created this rule. Imagine a scenario where a female adult leader is on premises but out of sight and two adult male leaders are alone with a single female youth.  My understanding is that this would meet the YPT requirements.  Yet, it doesn't do anything to minimize the possibilty or abuse or abuse allegations over the original rules. This is where I think that the BSA YPT rules are inherently unwiedly.  The BSA would have been better taking a more progressive stand by staying with their original two-deep rules or by taking an approach where no individiual youth of a one gender can be alone with one or more adults of a different gender.  i.e., two youth females and two adult males - OK.  one youth female, one adult female, one adult male - OK.  one youth female, one youth male, one adult female, one adult male - OK.  one youth male, two adult females - not OK.  etc.
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