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    • or Trails End need to consider making a mint chocolate popcorn....HMMM. Minty thin popcorn? 
    • Just my two cents: Leadership is part of personal growth in scouts. It was never an aim, until recently. Maybe responsibility rather than leadership. That too could be part of personal growth. An important method that's missing is fun. No calendar works without it. In all honesty, reducing the entire program to 8 or 9 bullets is tough. What could really help would be a better way to explain them and how they are used in day to day scenarios.
    • And ruthless efficiency. I knew it had to be a Monty Python quote. It took a while. Well, could it be that cookies are an easier sale than popcorn? If the BSA really wants to cross a line they should start selling cookies. Give the rack a turn.
    • Here go us again.  Local tradition, regs etc. Here in SSScout District, the nascent Eagle candidate usually has his project and records reviewed by somebody in his Troop (Scoutson was reviewed by the Troop Committee!)  and then on to the District Eagle Coordinator (we have four officially, schedule with any),  and when everybody is happy, the project is attended to, approved by the Benefactor, and then back to the Eagle Coordinator who schedules the EboR.   The EBoRs are regularly scheduled twice a month, in bunches.  Many Scouts, with their SM (or ASMs) and a parent or two,  come out to the site.  The Eagle Coordinator (usually the "designee") chairs the EBoR, and two or three "volunteers" (the attendant parents !)  are "deputized" for the duty.  Might have four or five  EBoR in an evening....   
    • True, there are eight methods, but I agree that all eight are not equal.  Take uniforms for example. There are plenty of units that do not require complete uniforms. There are entire units that come to summer camp where only 2 or 3 members have even a class A shirt, let alone shorts and socks.  I'm not saying that the uniform is unimportant - but we allow plenty of lee-way here in regard to uniforming. Part of that is due to the cost. A complete uniform, including all of the patches that are required, costs more than $100. Scouting ain't cheep folks.  So yes, there are eight methods - but not all are equal.
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