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    • This is where I disagree with you, Barry.  
    • How do you keep costs down in your unit? Other than fundraising, how are you good stewards of the money you do have? We do several things. For new families, we offer a used uniform program. This year, we kept the cost at $30. It included all insignia, belt and shirt. New this cost would have been just under $60 brand new. In years past I was able to offer neckers too, not this time around though.  Also, we purchase a uniform (used) for all den leaders. This saves the den leader money from their own pocket.   During neckercheif ceremonies, I use donated or used neckers.  What about you?
    • I’ve said several times on this forum that humility is the greatest leadership trait because it is the ultimate action of serving. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples (fulture leaders of the Christian movement) explaining the first should be last and last should be the first. Humility doesn’t stop with age and actions of humility shows the Scouts that our character is always evolving. 18 is the age limit for being labeled a youth in the BSA, but it’s not the limit for the game with a purpose. I became a better father, husband and community citizen because of my scouting experiences at age 45. Barry
    • Worst CD I worked for not only brought a TV and gaming system to camp, he brought his satellite dish too. Yep he stayed in his loft most of the day and watched TV. Staff morale got so low over him and a few other key leaders at camp that someone was brought in who knew what they were doing to keep the staff from killing the CD. It was so bad, I was commuting 30 minutes each way to camp to avoid the problems he was causing.
    • I never saw it that way. Old timers were part of my game. My SM mastered backpacking in his late 60s because I wanted to do a local 50miler. Adult association has no upper limit.
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