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    • Usually, I bring wet wipes for this purpose. This link got me wondering if packing a peri-bottle or travel bidet would be able to replace toilet paper entirely. They don't weigh much and you obviously don't need to use filtered water. Has anyone tried it?
    • I absolutely guarantee you many, maybe even most, districts are not like this.   I implore you to visit smaller 500 or 400 level councils that are dependent on Professionals for all areas of scouting. Program, unit service, youth and adult recruitment, and fundraising. Believe it or not, councils need money to keep camps open. No offense, but you have a very short sighted view. 
    • @le Voyageur - Discuss what points you would consider in selecting a muzzleloading rifle.   Key point - How will it perform in the Zombie Apocalypse?
    • Instead of viewing it as reducing bureaucracy at the Council and National levels,  view it as restoring TRUST in unit volunteers. Train'em, trust 'em and maybe even treat them as adults.   Some thoughts... Units can easily tract advancement  themselves either with the old paper scout advancement record  or whatever software they are using.  No need for a National database. No need to send Eagle workbooks to National either (what do they do with them?) Actually the whole Eagle workbook should be replaced  with just a signoff sheet and one page project description.   Units can also discreetly decide alternate advancement requirements on their own. No need to violate the privacy of special needs families who are being asked to send documented requests to strangers on a Council Advancement Committee. My $0.02,
    • Got a little rush last night, had to cut it short...to continue. So, why these points?   Here, the goal  and purpose is to lay out the general requirements that will allow me to build a long range hunting rifle that is very accurate. Some may change later on in the build.  Basically,  the ideal is to follow nearly in the same steps as Jacob and Samuel Hawken who patterned their "Plains" and "Mountain" rifles on the 1803 Harpers Ferry. By marrying three different patterns (Poor Boy, Harpers, Whitworth) the best elements of each can be incorporated into a robust platform lacking the bells and whistles seen in such fragile rifles as the Pennsylvania's,.  Using polygonal rifling (Whitworth), and a barrel length of 32 inches a 105 grain charge of 2F should send a  54 caliber, 430 grain Maxi Ball out to about 800 yards plus at 1200 fps. Though this type of rifling is noted for fouling, it's of no great concern as it can be used to one's advantage to better seat the round (fouling shots).  However, most will start off with an off the rack muzzle loader (hopefully not an inline) . Regardless of the make or caliber,  be it a percussion, or a flintlock, the most important primary elements to consider are the barrel's proof markings (safety)  length of pull, and drop at comb (fit). And, that the sights are parallel to, and centered over the bore line (accuracy).  
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