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New to Scouting?

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Questions and answers for parents and leaders new to Scouting.

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    • Yes, imagine if a credit card and email address become required to join...billed monthly with automatic renewal   
    • Maybe the old Google,  but a Scout is a friend to all.     https://www.sciencealert.com/how-dead-girl-paris-ended-up-most-kissed-lips-in-history-l-inconnue-de-la-seine-resusci-anne-cpr-annie-death-mask
    • For a great story around the evening campfire, ask the lads which of them have ever kissed the dead lips of the young lassy known as the "L'Inconnue de la Seine"? Google is your friend.....
    • Our Council Executive: "Traditional Scouting does not work today." "Scouters are not happy with the quality of our training.  We need to cut back on training."   (Apply that logic to meals at Summer Camp.)   Eliminated FOS ?("Why should we have to ask every year?) in favor of a program where "friends of Scouting" are asked to authorize monthly automatic withdrawals from a bank account - like automatic bill paying for cell phone service.  General fund raising down 1/3 year over year. Eliminated districts and set up "Service Areas" run by "professionals,"  typically with under two years involvement in Scouting.  Roundtable attendance down 45%, and falling. Ninety minutes of announcements and fund raising does not seem especially attractive.   I do agree that there is absolutely no reason to blame National for all our problems.
    • Yes.  Religious institutions.  And most of them have "in-house" youth programs of some kind.  It makes perfect sense that religious institutions would want to leverage Scouting programs to expand the activity options for their youth while keeping those youth in a values-based program consistent with the values of the religious organization.   And it makes perfect sense that BSA would want to partner with organizations that have a lot of youth in order to efficiently grow and maintain membership.  And it made sense that once those religious organizations became major BSA constituencies, BSA had strong incentives to stay on the good side of those organizations. We have to keep in mind that Baden-Powell had a lot to say about religion being integral to Scouting.  BSA's Declaration of Religious Principle was adopted early in BSA's history, and is consistent with the social norms of the early 20th Century.  And discrimination against homosexuals was socially acceptable until only recently and is still the subject of legal disputes. Still, BSA's opposition on moral grounds appeared extreme because BSA was considered a patriotic community organization, not a religious organization.  Further, BSA's claim that homosexuality was not "Clean" seemed particularly odd and offensive. Remember that BSA marketing tagline, "America is returning to the values that Scouting never left"?  Did BSA really believe that?  I think the real problem was that BSA was too slow in realizing that it didn't matter whether it had the right to discriminate, because it was actually dependent on public support, not its religious partners.
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