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Questions and answers for parents and leaders new to Scouting.

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    • They had planned on certain parents - unregistered - staying at camp all "week."" as their "two-deep leadership."  Under the 72 hour rule they were supposed to leave. Like a full moon with 'da Wolf-man, that 4321st minute turns the unregistered parent into enhanced risks to Scouts.  🐯  So the units adults began calling around to find other adults available during the work week.  That's right; as we "hive mind" types know,  adults are less available during the day Mon-Fri - esp on short notice..  Having no luck, they decided to ignore the silly rule.
    • I bet being a CC at recharger is miserable!  Trying to do online trading is bad enough!! But a parent who shows up for events with a duration of less than 72 hours doesn’t need to register.  Your unit may require that, National doesn’t.  Frankly, if an adult is committed enough to show up to an event of over 72 hours, I bet they are willing to be a MBC. I agree making a parent register and do YPT before any volunteering is overkill.  But a parent who is going on a longer trip?  Call me a helicopter Mom, but I see nothing wrong with a background check.
    • I have no problem with background checks... for "active" adult leaders.  The issue I take is the fact that even if you sign folks up as MB counselors, then a couple things happen: 1) The council will put them on the roster... they may or may not actually be willing to be a MBC.  So, you're screwing up one roster to circumvent a poor policy 2) You've obviously not served as a committee chair at recharter time.  I have.  The LAST thing you need is a bunch of registered adults who are not really registered and not really active to try to get rechartered.  Its hard enough to get the actual active youth and adults done correctly with BSA's so non user friendly interface.  Add on top of it that national is now going to sit on your re-charter until to bride / conjole / threaten these non-active adults to complete YPT? If I happen to show up at ONE baseball practice for my son and the coach needs an extra dad to shag balls in the outfield and he asks me... I don't have to register or do a background check with the youth baseball league.  The coaches and assistant coaches do... because they are with the youth at practice / games / in the dugout / etc... Its quite the deterrent when a new parent shows up to a day hike and gets told... hey, I need you to fill out this form, let us do a background check and go online and do this 45 min training before I can let you go on a hike with us...
    • But the parent dropping off or chaperoning a day hike doesn’t have to register, per National— only parents spending more than 72 hours with a group have to. i don’t understand, at all, why a group would have to go home on Wednesday if parents were required to register— register the parents as MB counselors.  No cost to the Troop or parent, and you are in compliance.  Plus your Troop gets another MBC.  Win/win/win. Same with the unregistered cops/social worker going to Canada.  Sure, they probably have nothing to hide. So register them.  YPT takes 45 minutes, maybe— I did it while folding laundry.  No big deal.  I don’t understand the resistance to background checks at all.  
    • I thought I'd know the answer, but I didn't want to guess so I asked Mrs. T2  (we'd had a somewhat related conversation recently). She said if someone opens the door for me because they got there first and are being courteous that's nice, when I get to a door first I hold it open for people.  If someone thinks they need to hold a door for me because they're a man and I'm a woman, that's silly mostly, with enough condescension based on the history of the practice to annoy me if they make a point of it. Let ladies eat first, she said, " that's definitely condescending; the reason to do that would be a sense that women need to be protected by the men, or the women are weaker than the men and therefore couldn't stand the privation, or both, either way it's based on a sense of being superior/stronger because you're a man, and I have no patience for that **** any more."
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