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    • Yes all true, and that flight may have been 1981, I’m old and those days are a bit of a blur. But the result of the strike was firing many, if not most, of the controllers. The FAA was forced to make dramatic changes to the ATC system for a couple of years until they could train enough new controllers to bring the system back to normal. Barry
    • The article is a little confusing because the reporter gets the BSA terminology mixed up, but what else is new.  
    • Not that it matters to the discussion, but the air traffic controller's strike was in August 1981.  Wikipedia tells me it started August 3 and essentially ended on August 5 when the controllers were all fired and started being replaced, but even without Wikipedia I knew it was 1981.  The first day of the strike was the day my wife and I flew back from our honeymoon in Canada, and if there is one piece of information that I absolutely need to have in my memory at all times (well, two, the other is my wife's birthday), it is the date and year of my wedding.     (How exactly we got back despite the strike I do not recall; I think we may have been on one of the last planes in the air before everything was shut down.  I could probably get a minute-by-minute recitation from my wife.)
    • @walk in the woods, your points are sound.   Tooth Ridge trail, one way, is enough to tucker out a 7 year old, much less boulder up the Tooth and then take Tooth Ridge trail back.   It can physically and mentally zap an older kid or parent as well.  Anecdotally, I understand the family adventure numbers were quite low this summer.  Much lower than hoped for.  On the trek side of Philmont, over 24K advisors and crew members participated in a trek, 12 day, 7 day, cavalcade, etc.   If there is a slight silver lining, I think the odds of a trekker having his/her adventure diminished are small. 
    • @desertrat77 I wonder if the problem isn't creep.  PTC participants hiking on Wednesday on a few restricted trails; mustangs, and mountain trek in the back country with Philmont staff guides are one thing.  But, Families climbing the tooth of time with their 7 year old is another (https://www.philmontscoutranch.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Philmont-Family-Adventure-2019-Guidebook.pdf).  Full disclosure, I've done PTC and wished I could have hiked more trails, but I've never trekked.  I could see running into a whiny 7 year old on the tooth detracting from a 17 year old's experience.
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