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    • As recent events have shown, banning knives will only result in people packing narwhal tusks. 
    • Christmas/Holiday wreaths . . . . Troop 759 (male!) and  7592 (female!)  will be offering their last stock (sold the heck out of THAT semi load)   of their Holiday Décor at the Olney Maryland  Farm and Artist Market, TODAY, Sunday, 8 December starting at 11am....   Some BIG fancy wreaths, more sedate styles, and small plantable  shrub table top evergreens (Norway Spruce?)  available.   Come on out . . .    The market also features farm produce (seasonal) and  lovely craft/art material...  The website sez they close at 1pm, but it will be open past that time...... Near the MedStar Montgomery Hospital, On Maryland Route 108 between Maryland Route 650 (New Hampshire Ave) and Maryland Route 97 (Georgia Ave.)   https://www.olneyfarmersmarket.com/   
    • You can keep them but only if they aren't pointy and sharp! https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-44278556
    • Hi @KeystoneCubmaster, I'm a big believer that forcing a senior leader transition in a pack or troop is fraught with problems.  It leads to hurt feelings and politics - never a good thing.  I'm also a big believer that you have to look for the good in volunteers - even a COR.    I'd try to handle this by developing an open working relationship between the key 3.  Do you all meet regularly as a group?  In that forum do you all speak honestly with each other?  I'd use that forum to work out differences of approach.  There, be brutally honest with each other.  But, outside that forum - have each other's back.   On the specific issues you mentioned: - stickler for rules - embrace this.  Yeah, no one likes rules, but they become accustomed to them. - taking over at Pack meetings - in that key 3 meeting, I'd be honest with him.  "Hey Joe - showing those presentations at Pack meetings is really boring.  We shouldn't do that.  Also - you jumping in undermines my leadership as Cubmaster.  If you want the floor, let's arrange it ahead of time." - fighting with parents at the PWD - "Hey Joe - Tom is our PWD chair.  It's his call on rules.  It confuses things that you jump in on decisions.  We really need to empower him to be in charge.  You shouldn't engage with parents on that.  Instead, please refer questions to Tom." As Cubmaster, I had some real difficult conversations with our COR.  Because we were honest and direct with each other n private, yet supported each other in public - we left the roles great friends.  
    • I'll resist any ban of my semiautomatic butter knives.  You'll have to pry them from my cold slippery fingers! 
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