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    • I certainly wouldn't phrase it as an accusation.  I would simply tell them that certain questions are bound to be raised when the scout is up for eagle, and it would be better to organize the answers now, rather than putting them off until the review.  Be Prepared.
    • As far as verifying some of the requirements, he is active in the troop and I'm sure has done a lot of the requirements through participation.  I'll see what I can find out.   Still troubles me that almost nothing was signed off prior to November.
    • I don't know, as the town where this person lives is about an hour from us and is in a different council.  To be clear, it wasn't his dad that signed them, but the someone with the same last name.  The blue cards date back to 2016, but only two of them have any partials recorded on other dates.  They're all marked the same day in November of last year for completion.  Six of the nine are for Eagle required merit badges. I haven't heard back from our CC.  I'm leaning toward just emailing the scout and his dad and asking them about it, but I don't even know what to say.  "Excuse me, but are these fake news?"  LOL.  Seriously, though, this seems very shady.  If the scout says (as I expect he might) that they're all legit, then what?  Should I find out which council it is and call first?  Ugh.
    • Ah yes; common sense and logic rear their head; good to see they are not dead, only apparently dormant much of the time.
    • Interestingly enough, I contacted the support line at national with a YPT policy question.  It was a pretty technical question where the G2SS and YPT training was not descriptive enough. The response I got from national was that it's up to each SE to decide how they interpret YPT policy.  So, for something cut and dry it's pretty clear what a council is to do.  But, when you get into the grey areas like this one, different councils can apparently do different things.  So, I don't know that I'd get too hung up on the peculiarities in this case.
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