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New to Scouting?

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Questions and answers for parents and leaders new to Scouting.

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    • They aren't.  My unit has high hopes for the scouting movement.  These aspirations just don't include the council.  Many people make the assumption that the scouting movement and BSA are inseparable.  Not true.
    • We attend at out Co and they make a big deal that we are there and talk about the other things we do during the year. Its one of the few times I get a lot of people thanking me for what I do for scouts.
    • Though we attend our CO's service, I'm not a big fan of Scout Sunday. Having an event like this where you come out once a year in force seems like a check box item.  Feels to me like it would be preferable to have a more regular interaction.  Perhaps quarterly service projects or activites where the unit is more tied into the life of the CO.  Make engagement with the CO part of what the unit does.
    • I need this in my life!  I can't keep track of when I fill out forms that aren't online!  I re-registered in bsa in early fall when the new troop became official.  I'm sure the merit badge counselor paper I filled out was turned in over a year ago.  No one told me I had to redo that on an annual basis. I have a new question, though.  Since my son completed the merit badge in the middle of last year (and I have record of turning in the last requirement because it was emailed), can the man, who was merit badge counselor, sign the card and date it for last year?  The badge was passed off.
    • I worked on tort reform as a national public policy issue some years ago. Nothing happened then, nothing has improved since. It's only gotten worse. In parts of Europe and Canada, the legal liability system works differently and organizations like scouting don't have the same kinds of issues and challenges that we have here. We would have to change our system and also our cultural outlook. Americans like to sue. It's why I have always carried a very large personal umbrella policy. I don't like a lot of the changes National has made over the years, but I can understand why some of them happened.   
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