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    • I should probably give a few of those recipes a try, since one of the folks on my mother's side of the family was a moderately known member of the Plimouth Colony. ⛵
    • Day Hikes are age appropriate.    What you propose is most likely not age appropriate, unless you have council designation of the site.   Otherwise this is prohibited.       
    • My son's Bear den becomes Webelos I this coming June. Had the idea of taking them backpacking overnight. Ice Age Trail is near our community. We would only hike a mile or so in, stay overnight, come back next morning. Very low key, dads stay in tents boys would stay in the backpack shelter (like a small log cabin) I'd like to expose them to different outdoor activities, keep them interested. Planning process, etc... Anyone done this before?    
    • ONE OF OUR COUNCIL CAMP EXPERIENCES was at a PA council camp (now gone) near Moraine State Park  (of flooded Jambo memory).  Bicycles were promoted.  Property was hilly with well-graveled, winding camp roads.  The week included two ambulance runs and one  Life Flight run to Pittsburgh for a ruptured kidney.  These resulted from one biker losing it on a curve and two pedestrians run down when it turned out brakes did not stop well on thick, loose gravel.  There were other serious safety issues at the waterfront and axe yard (like unwedged axe heads flying and chronic Buddy Board failures due to only two staff on duty).
    • here are some more for you: http://manyhoops.com/wampanoag-food-and-recipes_1.html  
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