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    • . Not sure how I get a downvote for that. As I said - seemed like the troop was making a thought out attempt to advocate for their cause.  It's not a bunch of folks just winging it.  Further, they did it in full visibility to the participants and council.  You or I may not agree with their cause- but if someone is going to practice the Scout version of civil disobedience, this seems the way to do it. Just my .02
    • Venturers have led group-forming games at our local courses since 2005.  Two of those Venturers were the first officially approved NYLT participants..  They both staffed position-specific/iols training at Summer camp last Summer.
    • Thanks - sounds like a fantastic course.  I enjoyed mine, but it does make me wish I could attend such a high caliber course!
    • I agree.  Trying to force the COR isn't a winning strategy. If it's that bad, I'd do: - find adults to volunteer to take on committee roles - advancement chair, activities chair, membership chair, etc.  Get them to officially take those roles. - once they have those roles, have them meet monthly with the CC.  If the CC doesn't call a meeting, just have them do their job anyways. A committee meeting is really just a place for committee members to provide reports and status.   If you don't have a meeting these folks can still do their jobs.
    • Someone can go through the trouble of finding my quotes from a couple years ago, but I posited that 10K girls would be a sufficiently critical mass for BSA to open up its program to girls.
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