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Questions and answers for parents and leaders new to Scouting.

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    • This was back in 2000.  Has probably changed since then.
    • Insoles help me. I wear Sole Reds now. I previously wore Superfeet Green which are popular.  I had to experiment which gets expensive though less than a $400 custom orthopedic insert. This link will give you an idea of different brands. I have not bought from this online store. I buy Soles from local shoe store and Superfeet from REI.   https://www.theinsolestore.com/backpacking-hiking-boot-insoles.html?foot_conditions=396
    • Do parents today (your future leader pool) have the ability to teach these skills?    Asking for a friend.  
    • Maybe.  My interpretation is they learn faster, they learn better and create more memories.  Too many leaders jump on mixed age patrols as an excuse for not trusting the scouts after failed mentoring.   You can embed the older scout expertise into the patrol, but it comes at horrible consequences. Leadership of peers is not earned or learned.  Real patrol elections are subverted (will go to the oldest boy 16 years old versus 11 years old).  Decisions often can be done by intimidation or bowling over the younger scouts.   Patrol pride is subverted as patrols change over time.  IMHO, my a scout can change patrols at any time but my "ideal" is a scout's patrol works well together, wanting to do similar things and stays together for 6/7+ years.   Patrol identify is subverted as patrols are not doing similar things.  Yes, they may cook together or plan together.  But ... Few can share a tent together.  IMHO, tent sharing across patrols is one of the biggest ways to subvert the patrol method.  Individual scouts are constantly breaking off.  To go hang with their buddies.  To do basic learning at summer camp.  To go on higher activities.   Bad habits and bad behavior is past on.  Conversational topics of 15/16/17 year olds is very different than 11/12 year olds.  Pals can often call each other on bad behavior or know how to ignore it.  11/12 year olds will mimic to get on the good side of the older scout.   I think we can easily and justifiably debate this back and forth.  My issue is less the debate.  My issue is BSA had a fairly consistent story over time.  The latest leader guide reflects that BSA is giving up on teaching patrol method.  Instead, BSA is saying patrol method is critical and we should go figure it out.
    • A few things that might be considered as counting towards 1C requirement 1a (troop/patrol activities): troop campouts patrol day hike (5-mile hike, orienteering course, 10-mile hike, etc., even if it also counts towards other rank/advancement requirements) participation in district/council activities (if done as a troop/patrol group), for example, Scout Fair, helping at Pushcart or Webelos campouts helping fellow scouts on Eagle project helping fellow scouts on Hornaday project participating in other troop/patrol service project (for example, helping senior citizens weatherize houses) participating in Merit Badge midway event (if done as troop/patrol group, but not if done individually) participating with troop in  Scouting for Food drives participating with troop/patrol in Scout Sunday activities participating with troop/patrol in unit fundraising activities, e.g., bake sale or car wash As long as it's something that was done within the scouting program as a troop or patrol group (and not as an individual), I think it's fair to let a scout count it as an "activity".  I'm not inclined to let a scout who is a Den Chief count activities done by the den or pack towards this requirement....
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