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    • We’re definitely not at that point! All I have at the moment is hearsay from a group of teenagers without even having met the lad. As in the OP he gets a fair go same as everyone else, I’m just looking to make sure it’s handled with care.   Thanks Barry! Precisely. I’m not prejudging, I am simply listening to the scouts and am taking their comments into account when planning for after Easter. I’m not planning on stopping him doing anything or denying opportunities, just looking for ways to subtly manage and potential problems. If it all turns out to be a fuss about nothing then in a couple of months time this will all be forgotten! Thanks Matt, this is probably the most helpful post of the lot. Exactly what I’m looking for, a different angle of looking at it. Helping our PLs in particular understand how to manage this sounds like the way forward. And exactly how scouts should work I guess! unlike most here you’ve met my troop. A generally nice bunch if not always the best organised!
    • Starter: I'm in Scotland. One of our Beaver Section (6-8yo) trips has historically been to a nearby residence center. It's a great program where the children get to do climbing, archery, go for woods walks, obstacle courses, etc. We are looking to book next year and have found out that they are increasing the price by close to 1/3. We're in a lower income area and we're afraid that if we pass the cost along to our families it will be burdensome. We already get partial funding offset from the larger group, but I don't see doubling that as possible. We're exploring other possible trips that would be lower cost, but I'm looking for advice on how other groups secure outside funding for trips.
    • Hello Folks!  Since it appears we have lost the original "What to expect" thread I started about a year ago in anticipation of my woodbadge course.  I wanted to let you know that this happened while the website suffered its blow to the head
    • Sometimes you can help a kid. Sometimes you can't. I always cringe when I read or hear someone say just pair them with a good scout. As the parent of a couple of good scouts who always seem to be paired with a "that kid" who had severe issues, I can say over time this is exceedingly stressful and unfair. If adults can't handle the kid, we shouldn't expect another scout to be able to do so except in short doses. I would also point out that this is also a strategy that schools use, so a mature, capable kind kid like this is frequently stuck with a scout buddy or study buddy who is unpleasant and emotionally draining a lot of the time. Scouts of course should be kind and willing to help out, but we shouldn't turn any scout's experience into drudgery. Adults really need to carefully manage this situation and not abuse the good kids to help the problem kids. No kid's scout experience should be more important than another's. We as adults have to balance that and sometimes that means you may have to say goodbye. 
    • Yes, I have had to deal with this situation, and there is another obvious way to handle it. Don't take him.
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