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    • @RememberSchiff nice photo of the scout troop you posted in your reply...funny you picked that one because I'm planning an upcoming blog essay on early Boy Scout bands and drum/bugle corps in Virginia in the near future....
    • Ours Council letter came out, points to National as the holder of the details and why it's late, also they had this ever so helpful suggestion -  In addition, we have been working with our partners at Trail's End to ensure we have enough popcorn available for any unit interested in additional sales to raise the funds necessary to recharter in December. You cannot make this stuff up, fees are going up??  Hey, sell MORE popcorn!!    
    • Want the truth, perhaps we all should go to Area 51 today.  THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.
    • I feel duped & letdown by the organization.     I opened my email last night and felt anger the council emailed leaders - this morning I opened it again and felt sick because there was more email about it all - Last night our council sent ‘the letter’ to every registered family.  Our pack just sorted out how to absorb the “no fee increase - fee increase to council fees” since it was announced after we collected dues for 2019-2020.  The bsa circle talk about money matters is beyond ridiculous.  National knows that more kids join the program at the start of the school year than other months - the data will show that.  So they know this should have been timed to have occur at least over the summer (municipal budgets start July 1)  but ‘no...let’s wait until mid 4Q to announce a change in pricing’.  What happens if they actually announce bankruptcy in the following 1Q or 2Q how is that trustworthy of them?   I will be directing every single parent with questions to our DE and Scout Exec. They can do the explaining about how they have come at these numbers. They can come to a parent info session and give the reasons.  And they can’t blame it all on lower number of kids signing up, LDS departure or decreased popcorn sales. 
    • I’m disconnecting my phone and gonna go hide 
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