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    • This seems puzzling.  Prior to this news story, the LDS leadership seemed to be making significant effort to say the departure was not about ANY social justice type issues, and encouraged youth and families to choose Scouting as a complement to the new program.  This seemed to make sense to me, as there were only two countries in the world that the Church used as their official Scouting program- the USA and Canada.  Canadian Scouting has been welcoming of gays, went co-ed fully for over 20 years.  Seems if the Church had issue with the “changes” or values, they would have kicked out Canada SOMETIME in the past 20 or so years.  Kind of confusing why they didn’t take some action if this was the real underlying issue.  
    • While almost all recruiting is at the local unit level (and the unit has to be able to close the deal), we have to soften up the target audience so they will have a favorable view of Scouts, will see Scout skills and abilities as relevant and practical, and will be able to imagine their child changing the world because of what he or she learned as a Scout.  That is where marketing program and strategy come in, it seems to me.
    • Yes. But a marketing program and strategy is necessary to deliver the message. In the early days, books and comics abounded. Written by scouters, but allowed by BSA. Scouting was part of kids entertainment. In these times, kids use youtube, and other social media. To attract them, there needs to be content. Not "how to tie a bowline" content, but the fun and adventures which have the outdoor skills embedded. Also, not to focus entirely on the "super high adventure", but on more everyday scouting activities. A regular campout, not philmont. At least the proportions should be an accurate reflection.
    • That’s right.  We need two things: - An attitude of absolute confidence, enthusiasm, and conviction universally shared among our members and families. But that’s not going to be based on our organization, which is pretty shaky right now.  Instead, our swagger will be based on the abilities and achievements of the young people who come out of our programs and the unit Scouters who produce them. - A clear, simple, understandable, focused message:  Scouts change the world.
    • My experience too.  Seems too late for Council to check MBC names after the merit badges have been awarded  (and cannot be taken away) and the scout's Eagle application is in front of them.
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