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    • I am all in favor of giving girls the opportunities in Scouting and think it is long overdue. I am excited that Ventures and Sea Scouts will be joining us in the Order of the Arrow, again long overdue.  I have been continuously in Scouting since I was first allowed as a Wolf. I am an Eagle Scout, OA vigil, worked on summer camp staff for 5 years as a youth working from CIT up to Director of Program, then Assistant Ranger. I have been on staff for local high adventure programs since 17 years old. I have been Asst Den Leader, ASM, ADC, Roundtable Commissioner, ADC for Roundtable, District training staff in 2 districts, commissioner training staff, instructor at college of Commissioner Science.  <<taking a deep breath>> I am a Wood Badge Bear, I am the 2018-2019... University of Scouting Dean of Scout training, NYLT ASM since 2017, attending NYLT Course Director's Conference in 2017, started "Junior Leader Roundtable" for my district at 13 or 14, and ran it until I left for college. As an adult I revived the idea as "Youth Leadership Roundtable" in my new district, while helping with OA chapter and staffing Lodge events. I am a unit trainer and committee member for 4 LDS units, ASM for my son's troop(non-LDS).  And I am probably leaving some stuff out. As an aside, I come from a scouting family. Both of my parents and my brother(Eagle Scout) are all registered scouters since he joined the pilot Tiger Cub program. All are also vigil honor. Both parents are Wood Badgers, have been District and Council trainers, both Chapter Advisors, both received Silver Beaver and District Award of Merit. Both District Committee, both Eagle advisors....  And they all think the change are great, though Dad does not see the purpose in forcing the girls into a separate troop. And that does not even get into my wife and her parents. (this post is long enough as it is) Oh, I left out I have my Masters in Commissioner Science and working on my thesis for my doctorate. I knew there was at least one thing I forgot.  ..... Oh and District committee. 
    • Respectfully, I see it differently. The program of the BSA really have never been the primary problem for the BSA.  It's been loss of interest.  Changing the basics of the program won't help.  What will help is a concerted effort to make it more fun.  Not fun through different badges, but more fun through a better understanding and application of the program we already have.
    • That's one of my few purist hopes.  I do not want to see the uniform go away.  
    • We have an assistant Advancement Chair the serves as the Board of Review Coordinator.  He's generally at meetings twice a month.  We ask scouts to contact him ahead of time to let him know, but it's not a strict rule.  If a scout shows up and requests one, he'll organize it on the spot if possible. Part of the role of the BOR Coordinator is to develop training materials for adults.  We will have any non ASM sit on a BOR.  It could be a parent or Committee Member.  Over time, the BOR Coodinator has built up enough folks that are knowledgeable in conducting a board that we always have a lead adult who is experienced and two other adults who may or may not be.   This has worked very well for us and has been a great way to get an outgoing parent involved.
    • I think it has  less to do with Scouting history and a lot more to do with geography.  I'm east coast born, raised, and educated.  I live in a pretty progressive city and have for 20 years. I'd suggest if we do that, let's start a separate thread.  I think that cuts down on the tendency to try & convince others.
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