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    • I believe that @The Latin Scot has had his uniform custom tailored and has mentioned that it turned out well.   He may provide additional details.  Uniform shirts seem to last a long time, so I say go for it.
    • Den Leader for my son Tiger, Wolf, and now halfway through Bear.  Over this past Summer our CM went to Resident Camp to serve as Program Director and the ACM was in the process of moving on to another Pack anyway.  So, although I didn't fill out a CM application till Aug 1, I was also Cubmaster starting about June 1.  Our CC planned to step down at the end of this year, but it was decided over the Summer we would go and all switch at the beginning of Aug.  I did what I was supposed to.  CM who went to Resident Camp Program director was supposed to be CC.  As of today he still has not filled out an application for CC.  Lots of other stuff going on there that I wont get into here.  We also had two parents (married) who took on Secretary, Outdoor Activities, Fundraising, PWD, Public Relations back in May and they did NOTHING despite us asking if "insert task" was getting taken care of.  Sometime in August they said they were dropping all those positions because it was too hard and they couldnt commit the time.  My wife is Sec/Treasury right now.  CC that was hoping to step down is still CC.   So, I am.... Bear Den Leader (no assistant) Cub Master Outdoor Activities Membership Fundraising And currently I don't have an ACM I also have Den Leaders that show up 5 minutes before meeting time and take off as soon as they can.  I finally said something and that has improved somewhat. Straight out of high school I went to work in a small owner operated print shop.  It was me and the owner.  I learned how to do everything and when I saw something that needed to be done I did or figured it out.  Eventually he would go on week long vacations and leave it to me to run.  I have problems delegating because I assume people can see what needs to be done and they do it.  Hard for me to think any other way.  It causes me a lot of frustration.   Scouting in our town also has a major fundraiser that supports our meeting place.  We own the Scout Hut and have to pay insurance, utilities, maintenance, etc.  We have a major BBQ dinner that is this coming weekend as well a Car Show in July.  I am in the process of learning how the BBQ dinner works because I am up and coming to running that in the future.  Just last week the Troop asked if I wanted to fill out an application to be on their Committee.  Once again, I will be there soon and a lot of the committee members have boys that are getting close to Eagle.  So, I am kinda in the process of learning how the Troop runs now too.   I have A LOT of irons in the fire.   Oh, I also make sure the trash in the Scout Hut is outside for trash pick up day. 
    • ... or pointed sticks.  😵   It's the UK folks.  Parliament has been considering banning all pointed knives.  Any policeman - a national police service - can stop you and ask why you are carrying a multi-tool that includes a cutting tool.  1775, and all that.
    • Here's a tip: Stand outside the meeting room(s) and listen.  Whom do you hear?  Scouts?  Scout Leaders? Adults?  If primarily the last, move along.  It's not a real Scout troop.
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