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    • I'm not at all against ScoutBook.  I used BSA online advancement for years, and ScoutBook is a good replacement.  I'm glad adult leaders can use ScoutBook to directly enter into BSA's official records.  I'm glad parents to can see reports from it. I use the Individual Advancement Report all the time.   I am against my son using it as a regular tool for his advancement.  I want his experience to be a face-to-face, social interaction.  Learning how to interact and accomplish goals when dealing with people and their quirks.   ScoutBook has turned out fine for adult leaders and parents.  I question it's use with the scouts though.  With them, I'd strongly encourage the book and paper and a pencil and a pen.
    • Those stories are great. I saw one about a guy that completed eagle and then promptly went off to WWII. Something like 10 years ago he finally received his medal. I've told a few scouts these stories because they think there's a time limit on that because they mostly have been fighting with time limits to get everything done in time.
    • We purchased a 13th edition Boy Scout Handbook at our camp this fall.  They were selling them for $5.00    That is what my daughter will be using on February 1st. ccjj
    • Found this story out there from Daniel Webster council.  Shows you are never too late. https://www.wmur.com/article/former-police-officer-becomes-eagle-scout-35-years-after-completing-project/25851789
    • I will encourage you to keep up the push for your course.  As I stated in my post, our council had adults who saw the importance of gun education in the 70s and proved that it could be a great benefit to the youth if we'll done.  It was only at my first National Camping School in the early 80s that I saw National bring out the first demo of a gun range and how to teach it to the youth.  At the same school one of the school instructors 👍pulled me to the side after the demo and asked me how our leaders were doing with the program.  Based on what I saw they had used our successful program to teach others.   There always has to be one to lead the way. 
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