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    • Yes, we just filed for this for our church and for a small business as well.  I don't see camps or HA realistically operating this summer. Without a vaccine or effective therapeutics, I would not send a kid to camp even if they were open. The virus is mutating all the time and the more cases there are, the more mutations there are. We have seen an explosive increase in cases in the US and Europe. There is no guarantee it won't mutate into something that children are more susceptible to. The best way to avoid this is to keep them out of the clinical picture so that this very smart virus doesn't "learn" how to also target them.  School in the fall with health measures and surveillance in place might be worth the risk. Optional camps or HA outings with poor hygiene this summer, no.     
    • Or council camps will become a vital part for rebuilding.  Many people can't afford $1000.00 for a high adventure trip or national event.  I can see the local camps being used by units in order to keep up the outdoor aspect of Scouting.  I can see troops using these properties to conduct their own summer programs.  I can see individual council's using volunteers exclusively for staffing camps with the help of the local rangers.  And, I can see units being more autonomous and responsible for their own administration.  I guess we'll see.
    • At this point, the issues surrounding the bankruptcy have been overwhelmed by the cash crunch from the virus.  Councils need the cash now and must absolutely apply for this lifeline grant.  It can be used to pay camp staff.  I can think of no justified reason why any council should not apply for this cash -- which is made available precisely to address liquidity problems caused by the business disruptions caused by the government-ordered shut-downs.  
    • Wow.  That's great. My wife and I chatted about summer camp for our youngest son.  We just see no way it's going to happen this year.  We're hoping next year will happen.  I'm glad our local scouting professionals can get financial help as all revenue will disappear.  
    • Councils qualify for $10 million COVID-19 loan/grants.  I can confirm that councils qualify to apply for the $10 million federal loans designed to keep organizations in business -- the same program available to small businesses with fewer than 500 employees.  Many councils are applying.  As long as these are used to pay salaries, benefits, etc., they become grants and do not have to be paid back.  The amount each council will get is determined on a calculation based on its 2019 payroll totals.  This just might save the summer camp season from a cash standpoint -- as long as the local health circumstances allow for it.  
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