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    • If Parkman is comparing it to LDS, I dont see how these two relate.   But it did last 106 years
    • Latin Scot ... Very well said.  Well written.  Very considerate. I do take issue with BSA not standing on principle.  BSA's has always promoted that scouts need a faith component.  The "principles" of that component comes from the families and the charter organisations.  Did BSA remove membership restrictions for BSA as a national entity?  Yes.  But that really reflected the "principles" and "values" of the charter organizations and families. 
        BSA has been asking these charter orgs for a long time to give their facilities, money and time to support BSA.  The trouble is many charter orgs do not support what many (not myself though) would argue are anachronistic values.  Removing the membership restrictions lets families and charter organizations define the principles.  It was the right and only thing to do.
    • (Aside: just saw a post on discussions-dot-scouting-dot-org regarding "allowances" for Camping req 8 for devout Jewish scouts who cannot light fires on Sabbath ... followed by some good responses about scheduling campouts on different days.) Ceremonial vs. moral categories of violations aside, I agree with @DuctTape that for some time now folks have seen BSA as a cudgel for promulgating national values. Evidently providing oneself as an example for a couple dozen youth for 48 hour stretches isn't sufficient. One must also fret about someone on the opposite side of the country providing the "opposite" example for a couple of dozen different youth.
    • Agreed. I believe that years ago, there was a consensus of what morally straight meant. Many COs sponsored troops because of shared values that included that. Society has changed, so the consensus is no longer there. BSA went in one direction, some COs went in another  with Trail Life, LDS is going in yet another.  To me, this is just a case of people with common viewpoints now diverging. No blood, No foul. Let's just shake hands and walk away.
    • Update on the camp as of yesterday: https://www.kxan.com/top-stories/former-boy-scout-camp-could-become-next-hill-country-swimming-hole-with-tuesday-vote/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_KXAN_News&fbclid=IwAR0VtMs5WGIeNYcZLWwuIg9pIjSbhokU5M1tk3PpxTq2Ik6_HU5ilPrIrTw Pretty decent outcome compared to what could have happened. 
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