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    • From the Baptist Press Boy Scouts bankruptcy could leave churches liable in future sex abuse claims "Churches who chartered or have ever hosted a Boy Scouts of America (BSA) troop should seek legal counsel now in case they are named in future sex abuse claims against the BSA, a Southern Baptist legal representative told Baptist Press." https://www.baptistpress.com/resource-library/news/boy-scouts-bankruptcy-could-leave-churches-liable-in-future-sex-abuse-claims/
    • To elaborate on this, I learned archery, and many other things, with scouts. That was back in the day when the local troop did archery in the local park. My love for scouting is based on how kind and patient my older neighbors were in letting me tagalong and do what they did. 
    • Careful there. Some of us were tagalongs or grew up in families with scouting dads, brothers, cousins, etc. The full experience? No. Exposure to components and the process and some experiences? Yes. 
    • I would love to actually see the data on the youth experience of dads who join with daughters.  By default, moms who joined with sons have zero youth pack or troop BSA experience.  Its a non-zero percentage for dads of daughters.  I would also expect some selection bias as far as girls who join BSA programs, in that their families were already exposed to scouting through either a dad's or brother's involvement.
    • Ahh - I find it an interesting challenge in the context of a topic that started about Wood Badge.  In fact, this is one of those things that the current version tries to prepare leaders for.  
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