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    • Most of the victims you've met were abused by people who were open about their preference for young children and would have been identified if anyone had asked around about them?  Or were abused by people who had prior public records of CSA?  Or were abused by people who just joined up as an adult leader and immediately began pulling kids off to the side to molest them? What you've called a "hypothetical" wasn't a hypothetical.  It was a description of the basic MO of pedophiles according to all the documentation on the subject I've ever seen, including YPT.  I mean, I wasn't an adult in the 80s, but I know in the two troops and the pack I've been involved with as an adult, the only people who got admitted without much investigation were parents or grandparents of scouts, or aged out scouts from within the troop.  Everyone else had to sit down with the CC and SM/CM for a conversation. (not there are ever many of these that I've seen) So the victim and parents of victims are as guilty as the abusers if they don't go to law enforcement? No, having knowledge of a crime and not reporting it is not "aiding and abetting".  There is no general requirement to report crime in the US.  Failing to report as a mandatory reporter is a crime, but it's a different crime than child abuse (of whatever flavor) No, the way it usually went was: Did you hear about Joe abusing the Smith boy?  The parents aren't making a report to the police because they don't want the child to have to testify and relive the experience.  Oh, well I suppose they know what's best for their child, we should stay out of it. Except that the value of the program going forward and it's benefit to youth and the impact of the lawsuits and the bankruptcy upon the program is exactly why we are having a discussion about this at all instead of just liquidating everything and being done with it.  If we were in a victim support group, I'd agree that this would be impolite in the extreme to bring up, but we aren't, we're in a BSA forum. I don't think we'll ever come up with a perfect solution to the issues surrounding the reporting of child abuse.  Personally, the flaws in our legal system are always something of a concern to me when you start getting people talking about the idea of "people should report anything, even suspicions".  It's an easy call if someone witnesses abuse or if you have a group of kids all telling you something happened or a victim coming forward with a clear story of what happened.  But I start having issues with reporting when you aren't entirely sure what did or didn't happen.  I always tend to think back to situations in my own life that could have easily been misinterpreted into one hell of a problem for me in the current climate even if I did eventually vindicate myself.
    • Agreed.  Lots of details looming right now but I suspect down the road many will seem small compared to the details of how any Trust and Awards Process are actually being operated.
    • The big ol’, ever looming, not to be ignored “IF.” [*gulp*]
    • Not entirely accurate.  If memory serves, the insurers had significant issues with his appointment.  The TCC if memory serves was strongly advocating for Paul Finn, who had significant experience with abuse cases, so that left the other parties to have a leg up on selecting "their" choices to comprise the three mediators.  We need to remember that this is a pretty small and specialized pool so many bankruptcy and trust professionals work together as partners in the morning and then find themselves as opponents in the afternoon!  This isn't to promote Green's becoming the Trustee but to at least point out that he has experience as one.  Let's hope that whoever becomes the trustee if that becomes reality will understand the importance of communicating with the "classes" he/she oversees.
    • As valuable and appreciated as the letters depicting victims personal abuse experiences are, they’re heavily redacted. Yes, they were directed to the judge and she read some, but that was not the only purpose or intent. Regardless, the flooding of the court at the behest of the law firms seemed odd to me, as well. As lead plaintiff in a class action suit, my attorneys certainly never directed or allowed me to “speak” directly to the court, other than in mediation sessions even though I technically spoke for the class. As someone who’s worked in politics for a while, as I step back and consider it, this does feel like a campaign. I think Andrew Van Arsdale’s past experience and expertise drove this entire thing. If you want an idea of what I’m talking about, he is a noted speaker on the website of “Mass Torts Made Perfect, LLC.” Yes. That’s a real thing. For the record, I’m being serious (for a change).
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