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    • Welcome to the forum. You will find a lot of good ideas, great conversation and a wide diversity of new and experienced Scouters. We look forward to what you will add and learn from participating in the forums.
    • I am not. I have been following the BSA lawsuit closely and feel like LEC will have to contribute millions due to all the claims. They sold Stigwandish because they could not afford to operate it. They laid off staff this year, the membership is down significantly. They have not been upfront with what is going on. They may well go bankrupt due to lawsuits that are coming. Even with Ohio's SOL they have millions in liability.
    • I believe the UMC Church encouraged their congregations to get involved in the lawsuit for this very reason. I hope other COs did the same, including the COs I have been involved with. I know my current CO has worked through the overall denomination. No idea what my church has done, but I did email about this situation.
    • Since our units were paying for the premiums, one might think that we were the ones being covered.  At least that's what we were told when BSA charged us the fee.  Looks like we were covering national's assets, and we will be left twisting in the wind. We need to remember that these victims of abuse were boy scouts.  Their registration fees paid for those insurance policies.  
    • Some background on The Hartford and the BSA, Local Councils More than 18 months prior to filing for Chapter 11, the BSA and local councils sued The Hartford in District Court in Dallas on June 5, 2018, saying that some sexual-abuse lawsuits were covered by insurance policies. The Hartford had denied its coverage obligations under the policies, including coverage for defense costs and indemnity payments associated with the lawsuits, the Boy Scouts of America said. Under the policies, The Hartford agreed to cover sums that the Boy Scouts would be “obligated to pay as damages because of personal injury,” according to a civil lawsuit in federal court. The Boy Scouts and its local councils were sued by youth participants for sexual abuse-related injuries during scouting programs. The victims said the Boy Scouts and local councils were negligent in failing to prevent the abuse and that some of these underlying sexual-abuse lawsuits are covered by insurance policies with The Hartford. As part of the agreement, the Boy Scouts of America will release The Hartford from any obligation under policies it issued to the organization and its local councils. More at source: https://www.courant.com/business/hc-biz-the-hartford-boy-scouts-settlement-20210416-cv4hqbrt6zcbppjsftfnmmh7g4-story.html P.S. 3/29/21  The Hartford rejected takeover talks by Chubb, also a BSA insurer.
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