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Questions and answers for parents and leaders new to Scouting.

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    • When our scouts earn their 1st class, they are eligible to sign off advancement if they take a couple of simple 5 minute training courses. One was writing a legible signature and date.  Yes, that 5 minute course was a reaction. The other was a process for teaching. Basically it was: 1. Give your name, 2. Give the name of the skill you are teaching 3. Explain why and when to use the specific skill, and list the resource references.  4. Teach the skill until the student teaches it back to the teacher.  I learned those 4 simple teaching guidelines at the old pre 21st Century Woodbadge course.  When the Scouts were preparing for their EBOR, I usually suggested reviewing the "whys" of the skills since they couldn't be retested on demonstrating them. Barry
    • RookieMom, you are getting opinions with a lot of years experience behind them shared with you here.  I was a Cubmaster for 10 years.  We operated out of a parochial school, so most of the scouts were from the school, but at least a couple times a year we had families visit our Pack with a boy who was "done".  For whatever reason, their old Pack wasn't a good fit for their son and he now hated being a Cub Scout.  I really felt for those families and tried to go all out making them feel at home.  A lot of those boys ended up joining us and having a blast the rest of their Cub Scout careers.  At least four of them stayed with their new friends and entered our troop.  Three of hose boys are now Eagle Scouts and the fourth is still enjoying his career as a Boy Scout.  I'm not telling you this to toot my horn, but rather to point out that those young men would never have gotten the experiences and benefits of Boy Scouting if their parents hadn't been proactive and found a way to expose their boys to a different experience with Cub Scouting.  Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.  Go find a good pack before your old one ruins all the fun of Cub Scouting for your boys.       
    • Part of it is Leave No Trace. It discourages fire rings, clearing to mineral earth, using downfall wood for fires, ad infinitum.  When you go to Philmont, you WILL use gas or solid fuel compact stoves. It’s not negotiable anymore.  As far as plastic dining gear goes, I had a plastic mug, plate, and fork/spoon even in the 60s. It was called “manage the weight on your back.”
    • Your Council, IMO, is out of compliance with #33008, The Guide to Advancement. I’m glad I live where I do. 
    • I had a similar problem, but it involved adults. My sons expressed their opinions on the problem adults to me, the SM, and the oldest to his BOR ( middle son had both problem makers on his BORs) Other Scouts complained about the behavior.. Problems got worse and worse. I finally had enough, and left the troop. BEST. DECISION.I. MADE! ( caps, underline, and bold for major emphasis). I admit, I miss my Scouts and my Scouter friends in the other troop, but the decision to leave was the best one. The attitudes my sons have towards the new trrop are a 180 degree turn around. Instead of dreading camp outs, they are now looking forward to them.
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