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The Patrol Method

Lessons and questions of Scout leadership and operating troop program

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    • It sounds more like extortion to me.  I wouldn't pay it.
    • I also feel the same way after learning of my local councils plans.  If it were not for the boys I would almost  feel like leaving.  Local council had 2 zoom calls the 1st during the week that we held our week long unit camping trip/ summer camp due to covid19.  The 2nd was last week and I did not know about the call until the next day when call a unit committee meeting to discuss the councils plan that were presented during the call.  From the information I received before the unit committee meeting the worse I expected was our local council to start charging a council fee.  I was in for a rude awaking.  The councils plan is that each unit must raise 250 dollars for the council for each youth that is on the unit roster as of the last day July.  For our Troop which will have 13 youth on the unit roster that would be a total to the council of $3,250 which must be raised for the council before the end of December 2021.  If this dollar amount is not raised council has stated the unit will not be recharter for 2022.  This dollar amount is due to the council from 1 of the following 3 ways.    1. Unit FOS that is paid. 2. Popcorn sales.  The percentage that council received from popcorn sales is the amount that counts toward the fee. (Council deducts the amount they have to pay for the popcorn) 3.  Camp cards sales .  Amount council makes off each card after paying the cost of each sold card.   Our Troop does do FOS  but we Do NOT sell popcorn.  We also do not sell camp cards due to the fact that the card do not include any of our local area businesses .    The councils reason for this plan is due to the funds not coming into the council due to   Covid 19.  Projected loss of over 400 thousand for this year for the council.  The councils solution is to place the burden on the units. My hopes is that this is just a scare tactic by the council.
    • That pretty much describes all of the executives I've ever dealt with.  It's all about the paycheck.  No concern for the kids.
    • Here is how I see it regarding pros. Disclosure, I was a DE and worked for National Supply. There are a lot of good, honest professionals who wants what is best for the youth. I was one, some of my workers were as well. And I have had some good DEs I've worked with over the years. But there are also a lot of pros who do not live up to the Oath and Law. They will lie, steal, and do whatever it takes to get ahead. The good ones tend to not stick around long.They get burned out, frustrated, or harassed  into leaving. Because they have to work twice and thrice as hard as the unscrupulous pros, they get burnt out much faster or get so frustrated with their situation that they leave. Why work so hard and not get truly recognized for the hard work. Worse is being harassed to leave. When I was a DE, my DFS and SE were both willing to do anything to not only meet goals, but be #1 in their division. When they realized I would not play their games, they harassed me into quitting. Cancelling training 4 days before leaving, rearranging my my week of summer camp until after I was married, causing me to cut short my honeymoon for a "mandatory meeting" in which only 1 other DE was at because he was at camp,  having me drive 2 hours round trip for a "meeting" which lasted all of 1 minute because I was picking up a video for them to return, etc. They few good pros that advance tend to get sidelined to smaller councils. Their performance does not compare to those taking all the shortcuts.
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