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The Patrol Method

Lessons and questions of Scout leadership and operating troop program

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    • I hear this a lot with new parents...of my Grandkids.  Constantly asking them what they want to do, or bargaining with them.  Kids that age don't need to give their permission.  
    • Exactly what 69RR said.  I see woodbadge snobs, just like uniform police.  In our council, woodbadge will cost $250 each and some just don't have it in them right now.  Then there are the WBers working their ticket and should get support from the wogglers.  WB is good for the person when the time is right and they are ready.  No one should be pushed, ridiculed or looked at for whether WB or not.  Then there are the staff (3 beaders), and 4 beaders that have hierarchy.  Just use the program as you need it.  I wear my beads often, but the woggle and WB neckerchief less often.   But, I still have to support my patrol critters...now that is just Darwinism as nature dictates.    
    • As an scout with a frayed neckerchief and faded pack, I watch new scout adults on campouts and cringe at some things.  The one thing I try to suggest politely is state the desired act, not what you want changed.  Example:  I heard a lot of adults yell "stop running" versus "walk or slow down".  It is a small thing, but those young minds process much differently than mine.  I have to stress what I want them to do rather than what not to do.  Kind of like homework options:  What homework do you want to do first rather than the adult choosing. 
    • Actually it does. In 2018, that sentence of sharing information suddenly appears :  share this information with Company’s current or prospective clients, customers, others with a need to know, and/or their agents for business reasons (e.g., to place me in certain positions, work sites, etc.). The other major change is the CRA is not named! Most of what I am asking appeared in 2012,  the last time I signed such an authorization.  Use 2012 as template, replace Lexis Nexis and contact information with new agency name (not generic CRA placeholder) and its contact information.  Yes, if the BSA changes agency again, a new  authorization form is required as it has been in the past.  If the right thing was done instead of only "all that is legally required",  all volunteers not just those in CA, OK, MN, and NY would receive copies but I can sign a 2012-style authorization and contact the new specified agency if necessary.  A provision should be added that if membership is revoked or application is denied that such an inquiry should be at no cost....I know not legally required , but the right thing to do.  So the BSA wants my authorization to hire one or more unspecified CRA's to disclose whatever information these CRA 's  obtain without my review to persons and groups unspecified until I leave the BSA.  Not happening. The BSA overreached in this, perhaps to sell my private personal information which may or may not be correct, perhaps to reduce paperwork when they change CRA's. 
    • Value everyone for their uniqueness.  As everyone is cut from different cloth, find the best, not worse, about a person.  I don't need more just like me, I need others to show me ways out of my-box thinking.  After many personality tests over the years and finding what type I am (more than just introvert or extrovert), I need and like to see other types' ways and thoughts. Our diversity is our strongest link or nothing would ever change. Like I tell scouters with challenging units...some are kings and queens, and some are 2s and 3s.  The 2s and 3s are usually wild.  
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