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    • I do remember reading that one.   My thought wasn't even as radical as what you're suggesting.  As a name - I don't love the idea of a district committee.  I think it's too heavy handed a name.  But, I do think there is a role for some kind of "Scouting Community" at what approximates a district level.  I've been involved in a couple of districts in my time.  What I generally see in the functioning ones is that there is a core community of Scouters who form the backbone of what happens in that area.  Most have some sort of district role - but others might be in roles like a long time Scoutmaster or ASM.  What I can easily see is something like a district committee existing.  A group of volunteers who get together to do a little city/county wide volunteering - perhaps setting up a camporee or regular trainings.  These people  are not necessarily tied to a specific unit anymore - but are there to volunteer at this broader level.  Yes, Scouting is about the Scouts - but there are some people who like to organize camporees and other larger events.  This community of folks isn't all that worried about JTE scores or FOS presentations or fundraising numbers.  But, they do care about regional programming and they do care about seeing healthy units.  Call it what you will, but it seems a lot like the programming, commissioner, and membership functions of what we currently call the district committee.   But, noticeably absent is the district executive.  There's no paid person who's chasing FOS presentations, popcorn sales, membership numbers, budgets, whatever.  It's just volunteers helping volunteers.  To your point @MattR - they could hire a paid person to do some of that.  I do worry that as soon as that happens, now you've got to have money to pay for them. At the council level, there's a few paid folks who hold down the fort.  Someone to process membership stuff - though it's pretty easy because 99% is online now.  Someone to man the small Scout store to sell uniforms, patches, books, etc.  The Scout Store isn't trying to sell camping gear or other add ons in order to drive up sales.  Maybe a few people who do fundraising from big donors.  It's a goal now to have a Camp with an endowment that keeps it solvent and pays for upgrades forever.  No more chasing people for money to keep camp open - you don't have to because Camp is already paid for.
    • Last week, I posted about a hypothetical, alternate Scouting universe along these lines in the District Changes thread:
    • Matt, you just described a DE who was my mentor when I was a camp staffer and OA vice lodge chief back in the '70s.  A great scouter, gentleman, humorist.  When he first become a DE, he was given the leeway to do what he thought was right, as you said.  Camporees, waterfront director at summer camp, OA, you name it, he was there and enjoying life.  He mixed well with the scouts and scouters and was respected by all.  Then the council got a new SE and things changed.  We didn't see the DE except at council meetings.  When I'd stop by the council office to type up and publish the lodge newsletter, he was always in his office surrounded by paperwork, looking a bit glum.  He resigned shortly thereafter and became a highly respected educator.  He continued in scouting at the unit level, with his sons. 
    • I had what is likely my final "Scoutmasters Paycheck" or Success story from my Troop. Since I became an Assistant Scoutmaster, I also helped the Troop as an Eagle project coach. My final Life Scout earned his Eagle Scout last night. I'm very proud of his accomplishments inside the Troop and outside of it, and I'm honored to have played a small part in some of them. With that being done, I will be shortly taking my "retirement" from my Troop, and moving on to other things inside of Scouting and outside of it. I know I have one more summer of NYLT staff, and after that, I'll just have to wait and see what the future holds... And so for now, so ends my one hour a week. 
    • Another idea: What would it look like if the DE's could do what they thought was right, what they hired in to do, rather than chase numbers? I've met really great people that were destroyed by the get-money-or-die directives.
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