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    • What??? If you've got a scout involved, all BSA policies apply.   
    • Since they are separate legal entities "clients" probably includes your council and troop. Without that clause then the most they could do would be to respond with "nope, not that guy."  What private information are you worried about? They have stated they aren't doing credit checks.    I think people should be ready for these things to just be rejected if they have pen changes on them (if anyone actually reviews them). You guys should see the authorizations I signed for every healthcare job I have had. 
    • Quickly since it is unrelated. I would say that Eagle projects are "scout adjacent" but not exactly scout activities.  Your helpers don't have to be scouts or scouters and there are no requirements that any of your helpers are involved.  An eagle project could theoretically be completed with no work from a scout other than the Eagle candidate himself.  That fact to me says this isn't a troop activity and doesn't need two over 21.  (2 adults for YPT is still a good idea probably but I am not sure you would actually have to require them to be YPT trained).   Of course, like many things there seems to be conflicting information. 
    • She didn't really annoy me before.  She does now.  This "board of review" wasn't very scout like in it's conduction.  She also seems to not understand that her age won't be a factor in 2020.  I really think she just wants to be "first."   I really hope the BSA makes a giant deal of the first class of female eagles and intentionally doesn't include her in any of it.  
    • ... as Cubmaster.   Its a Council camp specifically for new Scouts and their families, but everyone in the Pack is invited.  Meals will be in the dining hall, and there is program all day long ending with a big campfire.  I don't have to plan meals, cook, or provide much.  After the big fire we are going to have a small fire at our campsite just for the new Scouts to not feel like they are missing out.  I plan on having the Pack sing Vespers before going to bed, aside from that I don't have much "planned". If I dont make it back alive, please don't forget me.  🤣
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