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    • True, but according to National, 2 registered adults over 21 must be present as it is now considered a troop activity.
    • But the leadership does not have to be of scouts.  The candidate could lead a group of friends from the marching band, or the football team, or the church youth group.
    • @mds3d, Eagle Projects being considered a troop activity is a relatively new thing, within the past 10 years if memory serves. As for requiring 2 adults over 21 to be present, that came about October 1, 2018, when patrols could no longer do day activities and meetings without 2 adults over 21 present.  Had that discussion with my oldest as we had some challenges getting a 2nd registered adult for his first workday. Worked it out with a neighboring council's council commissioner who worked at the place it was being done at. Between his periodic visits, and other Scouters working at the hospital to see what was up, we had it covered. But we both longed for the days where I and my buddies worked on my project with my mom only providing transportation, and snacks
    • Except of course, that the scout has to show leadership and you'd have a tough time selling that leadership of one counts. 
    • Do you really trust National? I have been told a lot of things that National would not do over the years, only to see them change policy and do it. And National does not have a history of being Trustworthy. Look at the "Prohibited Activities FAQ" found here:  https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/prohibited-activities-faqs/ . One Questions is "Q. Why can we no longer play dodgeball?  A. Dodgeball has never been an authorized activity in Scouting....."  Even after pointing out this error to National by showing them a Scouting.org link it saying it is an approved game and asking them to change the the answer, they didn't. Instead they pulled a 1984 and took down the scouting.org link that showed it was indeed an approved activity, and kept the lie. And Dodgeball had been an approved game since 1911. Pages 312 to 213 of the 1911 Handbook for Boys has it listed as an indoor game for Scouts.   So I don't trust national anymore.
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