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The Patrol Method

Lessons and questions of Scout leadership and operating troop program

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    • You are certainly in a new world, that much is very clear.  Utopian  or  dystopian ? That remains to 'be seen.  Boyscouts was designed as an adventure for the boys, Scouts BSA looks like a family camping club with parents, siblings, boys, girls, and everything in between. It has been said on this, and other, forums that the new wave of scouts and scouters are better off without the "old fogey" crowd. That sadly goes both ways.   I find myself pondering if I will be able to recommend that my grandsons join cubscouts in 5 years. Then I wonder if the organization will even still exist.  I'd say it's 50-50.    
    • I apologize, this forum is not the place for a discussion of the LDS faith.  I just found some of the recent posts patronizing and was offended by them.  We should get back to discussing Scouting, not the LDS church.
    • Nor did I appreciate the suggestion in your earlier post.  You said: So perhaps I should have said the BSA got caught up in the current social and political ideology of the worth of the individual? Pardon if I interpreted you incorrectly, precisely which current social and political ideology did the BSA get caught up in? that sexual preference is a not a reason for excluding kids or adults from the BSA? that gender identity is not a reason for excluding kids from the BSA? that girls should be able to enjoy the Scouting programs of the BSA the same as boys do? I could easily argue that your original statement is itself is a frankly, utterly false calumny that reflects a shocking and extremely unkind attitude towards those who believe that Scouting should be a place that welcomes all kinds of kids. But, I will refrain from doing so.
    • These things don’t magically happen.  It takes dedication of many volunteers inside and outside the units at the District  level to put on good programs.  Yes, our unit has a lot of our own events throughout the year but it is greatly enhanced by broader outings. I could add some districts have talented unit commissions that help out struggling units. If districts and councils don’t matter, then why do certain council areas flourish and over perform in terms of youth participating in scouting and others languish?  I don’t believe that is random.  I believe when councils and district professionals find and support their experienced/solid council and district volunteers, it absolutely helps units perform well and deliver and improved program. Perhaps I should amend my initial summary... good Districts and Councils are vital to scouting.  
    • This is hardly a scientific poll or anything, but the only LDS person I've talked to who had bad things to say about the BSA was spouting off about how much she disagreed with my daughter being in Cub Scouts and "THIS is why the Church has decided to discontinue its relationship with Boy Scouts." She wasn't particularly in favor of allowing gay or trans members either, but that wasn't her big issue. It was just simply not OK to allow girls to do something she felt was reserved for boys. It didn't matter to her that the Church had every possibility of continuing to only offer the program to boys. Man, I got tired of hearing her yammer about how the whole program was ruined because of allowing girls in. Seems like she should have had a clue by the fact that the conversation started with me breathing the words "daughter" and "cub scouts" in the same sentence that she wasn't going to find a sympathetic ear in me. LOL! Other LDS people I've talked to have generally been in continued favor of girls in Scouting and continue to support BSA Scouting in general as a concept and with a "Let me know if there's anything I can do to support your new unit for girls" kind of an attitude. Opinions on whether the LDS Church should or should not have discontinued its relationship with BSA vary, but it's only been that one person who had an axe to grind with BSA. 
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