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    • Doesn't this table reflect chance of being sued?  I'm sure there are other factors too (number of victims), but most of these councils have closed SOL liabilities.  ... most ...    https://childusa.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/WindowsRevival-Laws-for-CSA-Since-2002.pdf Closed Sam Houston Area - Texas - Closed.  No revival for expired SOLs.  Probably won't have one Northern Star - Minnesota - Closed.  Three year revived SOL lookback window expired in 2016.   Greater St. Louis - Missouri - Closed.  No open lookback window Atlanta - GA - Closed.  Opened window 2015 - 17.   Circle Ten - Texas - Closed Michigan Crossroads - Closed - Had 90 day window for Larry Nassar claims.  Then closed again.   Crossroads of America - Indiana - Closed Cascade Pacific - Washington - Closed Open/Opening Denver Area - Colorado - Opening - Time window ... Not sure how to interpret their "new cause of action" law.  Different than revived SOL Los Angeles - CA - Open It's not life changing for each victim ... avoiding lawyer comment ... it is still millions extracted from each LC that may not have a open fear of liability.  
    • Beat me by 1 minute on posting this update.  I think this is a HUGE deal.  If the judge allows this, BSA may be screwed and realize the vote is likely to fail.  I wonder if the judge rules in favor if BSA asks for a pause on the plan to renegotiate.  I see 0% chance that those who don't take the $3,500 quick pay out vote. While it is likely they get 100% of those votes who simply want the fast payout, they would need at least 66% of the votes of those who want a full settlement.   It sounds like the judge agreed to this (as did BSA) during the hearing.  Now BSA lawyers are probably realizing the impact. This could be a non issue if the judge denies the request.... so we should know tomorrow as it can't be put off until confirmation of the plan.
    • The resulting split would as I read it result in needing two-sets of 2/3rds votes. 2/3rds of all claimants WHO ARE JUST OPTING FOR $3500 2/3rds of all claimants WHO ARE OPTING FOR THE SETTLEMENT TRUST SYSTEM And they want the motion heard tomorrow (it technically says September 21, but that's because I believe tomorrow's hearing is the adjournment of the September 21 hearing)
    • TCC throws down the gauntlet. They are demanding that all 82,500 be IMMEDIATELY classified for voting purposes, and quote the judge back at her. And BSA apparently made a Sunday night shift in its view of voting. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/375adbf4-92db-4a41-b164-2ecfb1fcc7ce_6368.pdf So this means that the BSA seek to allow those opting for $3500 to vote, swamping the claims of all others. The TCC is calling this voting diluting and manipulation (pages 9-10). The TCC now wants the court to order BSA to divided claimants into two groups the order would  
    • Oh, joy. Oh, rapture. Wrong state. Wrong church. Wrong turn at Albuquerque and “definitely not wearing my underwear.” (Nod to Raymond, aka, Rainman.)
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