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    • The above ideas are good. But the problems with scout skills is that 1. A large amount of scouter themselves never have  done the skill 2. of those of you have done the skill it may be ok in the deer camp but not at a scout camp. 3.Large amounts of both groups never have read the scout book to see what the currently really is skill is 4. the youth are not encouraged to expand their skills.  Could go on John     
    • Exactly the message is clear: Go away don’t ask for compensation don’t seek justice leave the “poor” BSA alone. Emotional damage is so hard to prove or measure let’s just forget about it. Etc. still waiting for a legal argument as to how or why that flies.
    • So your legal argument (this is the bankruptcy thread) is if an organization is a non-for profit and does enough good it’s allowed to get way with anything it wants because it has “an overall positive program”? I don’t care if BSA found the cure for cancer. The fact that it may do some good does not give it a legal exemption to tort laws regarding negligence and child sexual abuse.
    • Just by always JMO does not legitimize your opinions. As a victim I do not feel you wish me well instead you are basically constantly saying no amount of money will make you whole in a way that suggests why bother getting anything when you won’t be happy anyway.  You also are always demonizing lawyers so my first question to you would be do you work for free in your primary occupation?  We may not all agree with Tim Kosnoff et al but he does have the right to his opinions whether they are inconsistent or not and the right to be paid for his work. I think you would have more of a legitimate beef against him if he had only just started taking abuse cases when this bankruptcy started. He has been representing the abused for decades. I also feel that my lawyer is not stealing from me and depending where all this ends up him and his law firm might make millions. As you are not disclosing what type of emotional damage you are suffering from it would be hard to gauge if your issues equates to the issues that I and many other survivors have suffered.  I also don’t feel like you wish for this bankruptcy process to play itself out so what do you propose instead?
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