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Order of the Arrow

Discussions for OA Members and those interested in Scouting's Honor Society. Also includes a private sub-forum for OA Members only.


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    • FWIW, membership numbers are now accessible to district committee and commissioners.
    • Strangers on the internet… great shoulders to cry on. Tell your CC that it’s time to start the search for your replacement. Before passing the patch, you want to get one or more of these great parents trained … possibly including Wood Badge or Powderhorn.  That takes time. Keep working for smiles.
    • Define “other countries” the largest organizations (India, Indonesia) are segregated. Some of the fastest growing (Pakistan) are unisex. Some of the slowest growing or declining (like ours) are facing negative growth. The most successful associations with blended organization are that way because their royals insisted it be so. Scouts UK has only just recovered its losses in male membership after decades of decline. And that was a result of a concerted effort of their leaders of Girl Guides insisting that everyone play nice. So, why should a girl AOL lack a troop to crossover? Two causes: The president and congress have no interest in making  BSA and GS/USA “play nice” by (at the very least) sharing participation in Jamboree. The scout failed to recruit her friends (or enemies) and a trio of caring adults. It is indeed a serious issue but as far as I can tell it’s not ours to solve until we are demanded to do so by 1) our youth or 2) our elected officials.  
    • Not true.  The bishops are answerable to their metropolitans and conferences in a limited fashion and are also bound by canon law and all nations have complimentary canons called particular law.  If they can have particular law on leasing property (they do) they can have one on sponsoring units.  Would they do it?  Unlikely, unless more lawsuits crop up.
    • Lone Scouts would seem to be the short term answer.
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