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    • The platform hosting our pack & troops websites has died and we've been instructed to look at either TroopWebHost or TroopMaster.  Has anyone recently looked at these and chosen one over the other?  What were things that helped make that decision? So far, it looks like TroopWebHost is the only one that has any functionality specific to linked troops. An ability to share some calendar info between units would be a huge plus. I think both have ways to subscribe to the calendar, but not clear if that can be filtered by den/patrol etc. We mostly used our website for:  Calendar (including registration) Roster Weekly automated email File storage Brief welcome page for interested non-scouts Contact form to reach us We don't really use any of the advancement tracking or financial pieces, but might be interested in those if they were easy to integrate Any recommendations for us?
    • I finally looked at this thread.    The symptoms mentioned are visible  in other organizations. Lions clubs, Red Cross,  Rotary, etc. I have had conversations with friends about such organizations.  Many are reporting lack of interest, lack of membership. Older members age out (die !) and for some reason, younger folk  do not find the social milieu , or something,  attractive to them.  Oh, there are other groups forming, picking up, but the older, traditional groups seem to be faltering in some areas.  
    • This 🙄! @BKS, encourage your troop to change its teaching model. Identify those scouts who have mastered some scout skills. Make them instructors. Then adults may sit back, enjoy some coffee, and demonstrate making gourmet meals for their fellow adults.
    • That information was changed before we voted for plan the first time.
    • We each have our complaints.    I've seen some 15 year old camp staff do a more meaningful job then some of the long-time, experienced scouters.  
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