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    • I've never heard of a national level investigation.  Local councils investigate, remove membership and submit records to national for their ineligible volunteer files.   Perhaps someone has heard of a national investigation.  I haven't.   Who told him?  Did he receive a letter telling him he is suspended from scouting pending conclusion of the investigation?   Does your son have any conflicts or other interpersonal experiences that might have escalated?  I've often seen over zealous complaints submitted by upset parents.  By "over zealous", I mean the complaint itself is a type of abuse against the scout and/or his family.   Your son might not have been directly involved.  ... example ... A bad event involving others results in a report.  Someone might have written that others knew and/or did not follow the rules. Scouting investigates are a different breed.  It's confidential.  It's not a trial.  You don't get to see the complaint and/or defend yourself.  If there was a possibility of a crime, mandatory reporting to police would have already happened.  So, it's some type of conflict inside scouting.  ... Worst that can happen is membership revoked.  I've never seen Eagle taken away.  ... If the local council can't cleanly complete the investigation, individuals are often removed to protect BSA.  Membership is a privilege.   IMHO ... Your son should do everything he can to defend and/or protect himself.  Follow-up. Move on.  I love scouting, but it's not everything in the world.  If the magic is gone, find the next great experience / activity / adventure.
    • Hello…looking for some helpful advice here. My son, who is an Eagle Scout and a member of his OA Key 5 was told today that he is under investigation at the National level for an accusation he knows nothing about (nor has he engaged in any inappropriate behavior). He’s 17 and devastated. We were just wondering what the procedures are for investigations. He is also heading into ROTC in the fall and is also applying to the military service academies. He is absolutely devastated and confused as to what this is, why it’s happening to him and what the next steps are. Can anyone please advise on what the investigation procedures are in scouting? I understand not all can be disclosed but a general understanding of what happens would be helpful to him. He is beyond devastated by this. Thank you all! 
    • You know the only reason everyone back then could walk up hills both ways is because they put cocaine in coca-cola
    • Or wrestling a black bear two out of three falls for Star.  Oh wait, that was the OA ordeal.  Sorry 'bout that.
    • No more silent swimming or stalking.  Good times.  Also enjoyed the start a fire with no more than 2 matches and then cook a meal on said fire with no utensils We also had to hike uphill both ways to the camp, in the snow, carrying a canvas tent  
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