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    • What? Your camp generates more wood than scouts can burn? [confused] Our local Scout Network (aged 18-25) help a local farmer who is very scout friendly to down and log a few trees a couple of times a year, and the local pub that has an open wood fire buys the logs from them. Not a massive money spinner, but an honest days work.
    • I was looking over the 20 questions tonight.  HA HA HA.  Nevermind.  Woodbadge is obviously designed for individuals who have high self worth and are optimists.  I'd just like some additional training.. not a way to further beat myself up.
    • I don't see where anyone is singling out the Mormon faith. In fact, the opposite seems true. For decades, Scouting worked to accommodate the wishes of the LDS church, to the point where BSA allowed a customized program within a program. I personally was never comfortable with that as I think Scouting should generally work in any faith environment or in any interfaith mix. Any minor accommodations should perhaps be more appropriately limited to the CO and unit level.  I also personally had an issue with the gender disparities in the LDS church, as I do when they occur in any religion from Christianity to Judaism to Islam. If BSA had built a customized program for hundreds of thousands of Catholics, Jews or Muslims and then they decided to part company, I think we'd be having the same kinds of discussions. It has nothing specific to do with LDS.  Scouting has been nothing but a good friend to the LDS church. Your proviso to part without rancor perhaps would be better pointed at LDS leadership, not BSA. As far as I can see, Scouters are sad to see these kids exiting the program and I hope it's clear that they will always be welcomed back should they decide they and their families miss Scouting.
    • ...On Veterans' Day evening, Cub Master Matt led the group by flashlight through the cemetery to the grave of Nicholas Cutinha, a local Vietnam Veteran that was killed in battle on March 2nd, 1968, and was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Matt asked the Scouts about the word reverence, and had a conversation about how reverence is a higher form of respect that goes beyond simply standing when the Nations flag walks by, or behaving in church while people worship. “Reverence is about getting under the surface of simply showing respect, and really understanding why that respect is deserved, no matter who you are or what you believe in,” said Matt. Matt then talked about the story of Nicholas Cutinha, what Nicholas did in the final minutes of his life to save his fellow soldiers from certain death, and how the survivors of that day come to LaBelle every March 2nd to pay their respects, and show reverence. Adult leader Mike Favara commented “you could hear a pin drop during the story, the Scouts were totally engaged.” https://caloosabelle.com/human-interest/a-cub-scout-is-reverent/
    • In the last two paragraphs, you both seem to agree whatever it is that you are arguing about should not be in a Scouting forum? Common ground! So...do you really want a Moderator to step in and tell you to stop or can the civil discussion mentioned in the OP proceed? @desertrat77 @MattR  @John-in-KC
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