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    • I liked what you wrote ...  That sounds exactly like our summer experiences.  Way more relaxed.  Way more freedom to create their own experiences.  Each year was a slightly different flavor, but each was for all troop aged scouts.  Each year brought something special ... the year the scouts discovered a short (????) cut from the group site to a gas station / ice cream shop.  ... An unused / unlocked / enclosed 1910's era shelter that became the 10pm shelter for a magic the card game ... etc.   When you have 30/40 scouts, you still need other activities even if you have 10 scouts going on a high adventure.   It's how we got started with the troop extended camps.   Parents started asking about stuff for the rest of the scouts.  
    • Some of our Scouts asked the same thing, they really liked our week long Troop summer camp last summer.  The leaders all tried to downplay that option, running a troop camp is a lot of work.  Not enough time for afternoon naps, etc.
    • It does take an involved cadre of leaders and involved parent leaders In 2019 out troop sent 3 crews to Seabase (6 leaders), 1 crew to Philmont (3 leaders), Summer camp in June (7 leaders) and Summer camp in July (5 leaders).  And as others have noted, 10 monthly campouts / events.  Good number of support leaders with reservations, medical form rechecks, finances, transportation, etc. This does take independent planning by the crew and summer camp leaders.  With the Greenbard our outdoor chair initiates the items, but then a key leader runs with the actual event. Traditionally we do two summer camps (June and July) and 1 HA trip (Seabase of Philmont) annually.
    • Been in a lot longer than 2005, and never knew there was a second verse.
    • We would be considered a "Hiking and Camping" troop, but add in Biking  We weekend camp every month except December ( Service project for CO and Day Trip), February ( 2 Weekends of Scouting for Food and  Scout Sunday), and the month of summer camp. I know of troops that will do two week+ long camping trips, but one is usually geared towards older Scouts and high adventure. Problem is getting enough Scouters to take the 2nd trip. Usually if they have to decide on one trip or the other.
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