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    • I hope it's not true.  That would be an injustice to the 100+ million youth that have been involved and the 50+ million former registered leaders.  ...   It is already hard to watch the stealing the hard earned donations of families of volunteers.   ... It would hurt many, many more in the future. The comforting aspect is that camps have always come and gone.  New camps and new locations will be donated and grow.   The real injustice will be the hundreds of millions spent on this process with little effective compensation to victims.  People are angry at BSA.  ... I'm sorry for their experience.  There are no words to say.   It's anger and it's directed at BSA ... I see the IVF files as hard evidence of action.   Any records will show mistakes, but it also shows effort to block what the rest of society was not preventing.  It also shows many parts of society (police, families and others) being involved.    ... I congratulate BSA on all the good they did.    ... I congratulate BSA on having the IVF files.  ...  I absolutely don't accept the "general" accusations that BSA did nothing or ignored or hid.  ... That's just anger from being hurt.   Much of this is legal maneuvering because there is potentially a deep cash pocket.    
    • Simple answer is you cannot avoid fees, not even in the first year. Also you can register to be a unit level MBC; however, it still goes through the council registration and vetting process. If the cost is a problem perhaps you can do some sort of cost sharing with the unit? Here's a tale of two units:  My unit is each Scouter pays their own way, and we are struggling to get enough volunteers. My brothers unit out of state pays for all Scouter registration, and for any unit required training and his unit has full staffing.  So if your unit has cash on hand maybe it's time to propose some sort of cost sharing initiative. 
    • Some really intense posts. The survivors are justifiably angry, but everyone needs to step back and suss out whether they are seeking justice or revenge. From the outside looking in I see a lot of desire for revenge; but it's not on the actual perpetrators, it's on everyone, indiscriminate. All the while BSA's cash burn continues to dwindle the available assets for the victims compensation fund.  I think everyone basically understands that BSA will survive, a lot, or perhaps even all camps will get sold to fund the compensation fund; however, Scouting will survive. You can only squeeze a lemon so hard.
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