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    • not being a parent, imo, is a HUGE negative against him when it's an organization dedicated to youth that's trying to roll out "family scouting".  You cannot even begin to relate to the family unit if you don't have one of your own. 
    • That's the thing, the girls I want like the product we have. If they don't know that they'll like it, changing the name of the product doesn't help. Keep the name, add a tag line: "also for girls who like scouting." Sell, sell, sell.
    • I totally agree and nice job.  It does take someone that has a real interest in a particular activity to make things really interesting for the scouts.  Someone willing to take care of tools and supplies to make sure the next time they are used.  Yours is archery and mine is leatherwork.  I talked to the person in charge of our local camp and volunteered to come out every morning and either teach or help out with the leatherworking merit badge.  He said it was ok and asked if I wanted to do other merit badges.  My reply was "No".  Not because I can't do basket weaving, I have no interest.  I don't want to do merit badges I have no interest in.  My heart wouldn't be in it.  Some people can do that no problem.  I'm just not one of them.  To be honest, I'm not even that good at leatherwork yet.  But I have a strong desire to learn.   Eventually I would like to do Entrepreneurship, Gardening, Sustainability, Woodworking and Pioneering merit badges.  Along with cast iron/dutch oven cooking classes.   But I'm not ready yet. Since I'm not going to be at each event I want to make sure it is as easy as possible for those that borrow the tools to make sure they are back in order when they turn them in.  Sometime this summer I'm going to color code each bin's boxes and it's contents so it will be easy to find out what is missing.  That includes all tools.  For example, there are two 1/2"  alphabet sets in each bin.  One will be red and the other green.  So when the kids put them away, as long as they put them in the right color box, and there are no empty spaces, we know that it is a complete set.  That way we don't end up with two w's in one box and none in the other.  I'm even going to try to make it so none of the colors will be repeated, even in other bins.  So once red is used it will not be used in another bin.  That shouldn't be too hard.  I think there are enough shades in all the colors that I won't need to repeat any.  It may seem excessive to go to that length in organizing the tools but I think it will be worth it in the long run.   I also plan on putting together a binder that has an inventory of all the tools and how to use them.  In addition to a video that will demonstrate how to conduct the class from start to finish.  Including about a half dozen or so projects that they could complete. But as much as I enjoy doing this, I don't know how long I will be available.  Hopefully, if I make it easy enough, someone else would take it over because it is so organized and complete. I can dream. Or our council will think I'm another anal retentive a-hole, get tired of me and kick me out.   Dale
    • Point taken.  Instead of CSE, let's offer Mike Rowe the Chief Scout title.  I may have the exact wording of the title wrong, but it's a public/good will/ambassadorial type of job.  It's hasn't been filled by the BSA in years, if memory serves from prior threads.  Either way, I don't think the BSA would offer him the job for the same reason I mentioned in my previous post. 
    • I was fortunate to be on camp staff in Alaska...the green uniform pants worked best.  Mosquitoes galore and chilly, rainy days most of the week.  One of the staffers wore the shorts/knee socks in spite of it all, but he was a bit eccentric by nature anyhow.
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