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    • Okay, so mostly we tend to do things differently in the UK, so this wasn't cubs but Explorers, aged 14-17. Our last summer camp was in a farmer's field, for a few nights we had them cooking for themselves, with food we supplied, and a few nights because of timings of activities we had a small group of them cooking for everyone else (i.e. making a meal for 50 people). The couple doing all the food shopping did 90% of it online, not only that, they got it delivered direct to site in the supermarket's lorry, so it was all kept chilled and frozen, and was a lot easier! Delivery location was something like "400 yards past New Farm in a field on the left, Somesuch Lane, Corfe Castle, Dorset. Most of the delivery drivers were happy to drive in and back right up to the stores tent. Winner! So yes, for central catering, what an absolute boon online supermarket shopping is.
    • This sounds a little bit like how wives are chosen and treated in the backwoods of less developed countries -- a woman is chosen as a worker and treated like a slave / donkey, and the man goes and finds beauty and love and spreads his seed around with mistresses.  Absolutely ridiculous. 
    • Right now I am shopping for Cubs, for the whole Pack, and it's all adult-driven so the online stuff is great.   I am not sure why a Patrol could not have a meeting and go the online shopping together at their meeting, but this is a helpful service that's great at the Cub level. 
    • While I like the convenience of ordering online, I suggest you not teach this to the Scouts.  I suggest you teach them the skills of planning, pricing and buying "the old fashioned way" for a few reasons.  Partly so they know how to do it without the aid of the computer/website and spreadsheets that calculate everything for them.  But also because preparing for a campout should be a patrol activity.  It is an opportunity for a couple guys to spend time working together to achieve a goal.  It is interesting and often funny to watch a few 13 year olds shopping for a menu they prepared.  This often involves someone lobbying to add chips or cookies that were not on the menu and someone else realizing that they have not collected enough money for chips or cookies. And if that doesnt convince you, please consider this quote often attributed to Baden Powell  - the Scoutmaster should 'never do for a boy what the boy can do for himself'.  In this case, it seems like you are solving a problem that doesnt yet exist and that may or may not actually be a problem for the Scouts.  If they find meal planning and grocery shopping to be a hassle they will find a way to improve it.   And knowing teenagers that way will surely involve technology.
    • Our patrols have found that the food prices and selection is better at Market Basket, a New England supermarket chain. I think the only product cheaper at WalMart was Clif bars.  A good lesson about saving time (convenience) and money. Pick one. My $0.02
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