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    • I'm very sorry that this has happened to your son and to your family.
    • I started n Cub Scouts, Earned the Arrow of Light. Went on to Boy Scouts and earned Eagle. I was an Ordeal member of the OA (guilty of sash and dash). My older son is an Eagle Scout and my younger son recently completed his  Eagle Scout service project and final merit badge. He's now working on submitting his Eagle application. Once finished, we will be washing our hands of the Boy Scouts of America/Scouts BSA. I am strongly opposed to the inclusion of girls in the Boy Scouts of America. I would be equally opposed to the inclusion of boys in the Girl Scouts. Although  we're strongly opposed to the inclusion of girls in the Boy Scouts, that is not the primary reason why we are walking away from the BSA. There are a lot of very good people in the BSA, but there are also far too many adults and leaders who are in this for all the wrong reasons.
    • Thanks to Momma for trying to lighten the mood!
    • Thank you for all of the feedback and input. We received the letter. It is from our local council SE. It references the allegations and indicates that they will inform of any change to his status. I left a message for him at the number provided. I will call again on Tuesday after the holiday. I have been in email contact with the troop CC who does not seem happy with my questions at all. I will keep you updated as to how this plays out. My son still seems in shock and is maintaining his innocence. We have questioned him about anything he could have said or done that could have been misconstrued. So far, nothing other than what I have previously mentioned. The accuser’s dad is not a leader. However the other tent mate’s dad is now a leader and those two boys are best friends and have been in scouts together from the beginning. In fact my son drove in the car to and from the camp out with these boys and the dad (2+ hours each way). 
    • Do let us know how it plays out. I think I speak for everyone that we love to see how things work out, especially if they get resolved to your satisfaction. All of us are very motivated in supporting the kids to be within scouts. 
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