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    • Interesting We will tell you when and where you can collect funds citizen...and we will take our percentage off the top, and why aren't you selling cookies with all this spare time??
    • The GSUSA council is probably invoking its no-fundraising-for-other-organizations policy.   I certainly agree. The article also says
        For the info of you BSA guys:  the girl scout council owns the girl scout troop's bank accounts.  There are no COs. The next question is whether the funds that were raised for the families, and which were being temporarily held in the troop's bank account, will actually end up with the families.  
    • The way the GSUSA councils statement is crafted (or appears to be) is a PR black-eye.  I can see this stance if they felt the money was being misappropriated or mishandled, but if they are standing on "control of fundraising" in a situation like this then someone needs to go back to PR school. These were GSUSA Scouts, doing a Scouting project and GSUSA has a problem with other Girls Scouts raising funds for the family because they want to control the all fundraising? Even if GSUSA has a valid reason, the optics are a nightmare.
    • NOAC had a couple of sessions covering this. By NOAC 2020 all lodges should have consulted with their local tribes and transitioned to regalia that fits that local tribe. As part of that we are also to get their perspective (and accommodate it) about females in these ceremonies. From some second hand discussions I have heard, there is a wide range of responses. Some tribes have been adamant no's on regalia at all, others are OK with regalia but not females doing ceremonies. Some tribes have been neutral or ambivalent. Apparently, some have replied that  as far as this type "ceremony" goes, in their traditions have females doing them. In at least one case, the tribe considered this closest to oral history or story-telling, which has be traditionally a female role in their tribe.  If a tribe falls into the NO females or no regalia category, that lodge is to use BSA field uniforms and sashes. There was a discussion of using black robes similar to the ones originally used at Treasure Island, but I do not think that decision has been made one way or the other at this point. There was some concern, particularly with Southern Lodges, that black robes and torches in the woods has it's own negative history. That has been expressly forbidden by OA National. Lodges are not to do any other ceremony or use regalia in any Crossover/AOL ceremony at all. In fact, Lodges have been told to not loan their regalia to troops or individual that want to do the old ceremony. In no way, shape or form is the OA to be involved in the use a ceremony other than the official one or in using regalia IN THE CEREMONY. I put emphasis on IN THE CEREMONY because there is one caveat, lodges may perform demonstrations similar to POW-Wow at the events, but may not perform ceremonies in regalia. 
    • GSUSA has now dismissed the Troop Leader for raising funds.  Not sure why, but seems to be a policy violation. https://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/story/news/2018/11/19/green-bay-girl-scout-leader-dismissed-after-organizing-event-crash-victims/2060509002/  
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